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For similar titled events, see Roblox Summer Games.

Roblox Summer Tournament is an event that started on August 2, 2018, and ended on August 16, 2018. It is the fifth installment in the Roblox Summer Games series of events, however it is the first to have a different title compared to its predecessors.


Name Image Creator/Group
The Doom Walk 2: Burst
Spawn Wars
Bed Wars.jpg


Name Game Image Objective
Gurt Freeze Tag
Win a round as a runner in the new "Tagger Apocalypse" gamemode.
Sunflower Sunglasses The Doom Wall 2: Burst
Finish the new map "Beach Blithe" and four different maps.

(Beating a map that you've already completed will not count.)

Marshmallow Head Spawn Wars
Marshmallow Head.png
Destroy all enemy spawns in a round with your team.


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  • This is the first time Spawn Wars (previously Bed Wars 2) has been featured in an event.
  • This is the second time The Doom Wall 2: Burst has been featured in an event, the first time being in Roblox Sports (2017).
  • This is the third time Freeze Tag has been featured in an event. Featured events are BLOXtober 2016 and The Roblox 2017 Winter Games.
  • One of the prizes Gurt is based on the character with the same name from Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales. This also makes Roblox Summer Tournament the first event to feature a prize based on a character from another Roblox game.
  • There is a glitch in Freeze Tag, where if you have already been awarded Gurt, you will always get the congratulations splash screen after winning any round (classic gamemodes included).
  • The Marshmallow Head item was still obtainable from the Spawn Wars as of December 2018, 5 months after the event ended. The item has now been removed from the game when it received an update on December 11th, 2018 and can no longer be obtained.



In general, the prizes were well-received while the games (apart from Freeze Tag) were not. In particular, the Gurt accessory was a favorite due to his iconic appearance in Egg Hunt 2018, as well as the Marshmallow Head due to the charred aesthetic.

Freeze Tag

The Freeze Tag portion of the event was viewed as quite easy, largely as a result of being able to unfreeze other players with relative ease (as long as the majority of players were still alive). It was positively received by most participants, and was many users favorite game from the event.

Spawn Wars

Spawn Wars (previously known as Bed Wars 2) was criticized for being a copy of Mineplex's Cake Wars and a Pay-To-Win (P2W) game. This is because the developer offered expensive gamepasses that can drastically affect gameplay for a user who purchases them, often tipping the game in their favor. Players were often confused about the objective as well, since it required the player's team to destroy all 3 enemy spawns by hand while ensuring that the enemy teams themselves did not destroy the other spawns. Many people also reported the badge being glitched as they did not receive it after completing the objective, and complained about the lack of a tutorial for new players. It was not positively received by most participants.

The Doom Wall 2: Burst

TDW2 was criticized due to the Beach Blithe event map. Many players were unable to complete this map in order to earn the Sunflower Sunglasses because of its difficulty, and some reported severe lag and glitches when they played on the map (that now has been fixed). It was not positively received by most participants.


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