The Super Moderator Badge was a badge given to Super Moderators. It is no longer seen after Roblox changed the art style of their badges.


This badge would identify an account as belonging to a ROBLOX Super Moderator. Only official ROBLOX moderators would possess this badge. Super Moderators were vigilant on all areas of ROBLOX including the forums, images,in-game chats and some behind the scenes areas.


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  • It was the hardest badge to obtain on ROBLOX, as only administrators could receive this badge.
  • MSE6MrDoomBringer, foster008SlingshotJunkie, Chro, and ArgonPirate had this badge.
  • This was one of the most well-known ROBLOX badges.
  • The badge image was the same as the in-game icon of the ban hammer gear.
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