This is the icon for the Super Ball

The Superball is a BrickBattle ranged weapon gear. The weapon is a large bouncy ball that the player can throw. The projectile, which is the superball itself, flies at a slightly fast speed within its fair range, dealing a fair amount of damage, but less as it bounces. Due to its bouncy nature, the superball is prone to bouncing off of solid objects or players. Upon hitting an enemy with the "Superball" the target can be knocked away, temporarily being unable to move for sometime after being knocked off by the superball's force. The Superball was originally from the 'reset place option': Starting BrickBattle Map.


  • The force of the superball can occasionally knock down and temporarily stun enemy targets if it successfully hits the target. The player can take advantage over the target by finishing the target off with a rocket launcher, since the rocket launcher could kill or severely damage the target in its radius.
  • Direct hits deal more damage than hits that involve a few bounces; as the superball bounces more, damage is reduced drastically, so no damage would be dealt if it hits the target after a certain amount of bounces.
  • The player can use the superball's bouncing abilities by shooting it at any solid objects such as walls and floors. The player could make bank shots by having the ball bounce at the object and possibly land at its target. Placement of the shot is a vital key for damaging the target, since an unwisely placed bank shot could render the shot as useless.
  • Unlike the slingshot, the superball does not automatically hit the area under the mouse. Instead, the mouse cursor informs the player about the angle that the superball would be shot at. When aimed at a direction higher than the target, the superball would fly with a high arc, along with longer range. Some practice with long range can help the player shoot from afar. Using high arcs is a good way to make direct shots from long distances, making the superball more deadly than the rocket at medium range if executed properly.
  • By dropping a timebomb and hitting it with a superball, the player could create a fast and powerful weapon similar to the rocket launcher, since the bomb has a larger explosion radius than the rocket launcher and can easily be moved by many moving objects, such as the superball projectile, albeit with low accuracy.
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