Supporter groups are groups that support a view on a subject, either related to ROBLOX or to real-world issues. While these groups generally act as activists on their selected issue, they usually do not create a major wave in the area of member count.

Dogs & Puppy Lovers

Dogs and Puppy Lovers is a moderately large group created by PartyTimeCc, and owned by Patriation. This group of 41,490 members as of November 21, 2013 and discusses and talks about dogs and puppies. This may be noted as the first dog lovers' group on ROBLOX, and yet it is still active after such a long time. An inhibition to its future fame may be due to the fact that PartyTimeCc does not have the time to update the group.

Protest: SOPA and PIPA

Protest: SOPA and PIPA is a group dedicated to speaking out against the 2011 SOPA and PIPA bills in the United States. which had to discuss and talk about the two problems in ROBLOX in its recent past. The group, due to its focus on then-current events, quickly gained fame at the time of its launch. Many users later left because the threat of the bills had been neutralized indefinitely. There are still 388 members in the group, now owned by user theakon, as of November 21, 2013.

The BC Game Haters!

The BC Game Haters! is one of the largest groups against the BC-only games launched as part of a Roblox update in late 2011. The group, owned by funnycat1, has 341 members as of November 21, 2013. Although many people hated the update at its launch, the group did not gain enough members to create a significant impact against the update. While the update was removed, then re-added, and removed again over the next two years, thus enforcing and removing the group's focus repeatedly, the group has now refocused itself on fighting for the rights of players who are not in a Builders Club level.
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