Surface is the side of a brick. There are 9 kinds of surfaces. Certain surfaces have different properties.

All ROBLOX surfaces - from left to right: Smooth, Smooth without Outlines, Glue, Weld, Studs, Inlet, Universal, Hinge and Motor.



Main Article: Stud

Studs relate most to the connectors on LEGO bricks. They appear to be bumpy, but are 2D.


Main Article: Inlet

Inlets are relate to the bottom of a LEGO brick. Inlets will only connect to studs, weld, and universal.


Main Article: Smooth (Surface)

Smooth has no texture seen. It is plain. It comes too as Smooth without Outlines, which removes outlines from certain brick if they are on.


Main Article: Weld

Weld is the strongest, and will hold anything. They appear as Xs on the part. Weld does not always need to be anchored to stay still.


Main Article: Glue

Glue is the second strongest, and can only hold a ball though.


Main Article: Universal

Universal is a combination of stud and inlet. It will connect to inlet and stud.


Main Article: Hinge

Hinge is a non automatic motor. It will only spin by gravity. It is the thing used to connect wheels to VehicleSeats.


Main Article: Motor (Surface)

Motor is automatic, if put on Constant. If you connect another brick, it will spin if unanchored.

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