A sword is a bladed melee weapon, and on Roblox, they were first released in 2007 as one of the seven original BrickBattle weapons. They have a very close range and can do very high damage very quickly. One example is the LinkedSword. All swords can slash, but most can also lunge for greater reach and damage. To slash, click once with the sword. To lunge, double-click.


A swordfight is a fight between multiple people using swords. The goal is usually to knock out opponents while keeping your own health. Some end in less than a second, with all participants having wiped out each other, but others may end in a few more seconds. Some places are made just for sword fighting, from sword training places built by clans to some of the most popular places on Roblox, such as TheGamer101's Sword Fighting Tournament, or Shedletsky's Sword Fight on the Heights.

Swordfighting Forms

The first sword fighting form use was 1st person mode. Where you would zoom into first person and attack like that. It would work well back then when you could get into first-person and then sidestep and kill a player. But now the most commonly used is shift lock. Shift lock allows the same results as 1st person, except for one improvement. The ability to see behind you. This is good when you are in a fight with a group of people, so you can be aware of your surroundings.


  • Since the sword's region of damage is usually directly in front of the blade, it is more effective to attack the player from the left of their character model.
  • The sword's hitbox goes through walls, remember that!
  • In some games, you can float in the air temporarily allowing for dodging techniques.

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