Sword Fights on the Heights, commonly abbreviated as SFOTH, is a Melee combat game built by ROBLOX Staff Member and Administrator Shedletsky (previously Telamon). It is one of the older games on ROBLOX and is considered a classic.

Around 2014-2015, the game faced the decline stage and it has been trouble reaching 100 users daily.

Basic Synopsis

The goal is to amass the most KOs while avoiding getting killed. To make the game more challenging, there are several obstacles such as wobbly plates, disappearing tiles, and slim wooden beams that have a tendency to get in your way.

The game is centered around large, tall floating islands that float around the level, and paths (normally a wooden beam or an obstacle) connect the islands with problems to conquer (eg.disappearing platforms, online opponents, ex). Swords can be found across the map. There are other objects to help you along the way as well. This game combines sword fighting with agility

SFOTH Versions

SFOTH Original


Sword Fights on the Heights Original.

Sword Fight on the Heights Original (often abbreviated SFOTHO, or mostly SFOTH) is known as the first place on ROBLOX for sword fighting only. It did not have the variety of swords most players are used to and, was only partially built. 


Sword Fight on the Heights II, introduced in March 2008, expanded upon the original primarily through the introduction of new swords and powerups. Where in the original the only pickups around were medkits, SFOTH II added five new pickups—the instant death but short-ranged Ice Dagger, the long-ranged Firebrand, the ShieldSphere, the Jetboots, and armor, in addition to the medkits that were already on the original. The map was also increased in size, with several new areas to explore.


Sword Fight on the Heights III, introduced in April 2008, once again expanded upon II with new pickups and new areas to explore. This version introduced the Poisoner, the Illumina, the Darkheart, and the ShadowSphere. However, where II remained unmodified through most of its life, III had quite a few alterations made during its time beyond simple bugfixes. Most notably, a number of weapon balances were made—the Ice Dagger's warmup was introduced to this version, as was Firebrand users being immune to it.


Sword Fights on the Heights IV

The current version of Shedletsky's Sword fighting game.

Sword Fights on the Heights IV is the current and most popular version of the game, and was the last major expansion of the previous version. SFOTH IV features many more swords; this version added all of the current ones, including the Ghostwalker, the Venomshank, and the Windforce, though no new powerups came with this version. Where the previous updates mostly just added new areas to explore, this one went beyond that and included map gimmicks as well, such as the rings of fire that bring you back to the middle area.

Other Info

Weapon List

This is a list of the current weapons and powerups available in SFOTH IV.


  • Normal Sword/Linked Sword
    • This is the sword everyone spawns with and the only object in the StarterPack. This cannot be obtained in-game by any other means.
  • Ghostwalker
    • This weapon is a semi-transparent sword that lessens a user's gravity, allowing a "ghost-like" movement. When this sword is active, the holder is transparent as well, and every kill with this sword increases one's transparency, lessens their gravity even further, and increases damage done by the sword. After killing nine people, the sword is at its peak and allows the user to be completely transparent.
  • Venomshank
    • The Venomshank is a large green sword that infects players when they are hit with venom. A venomed player will slowly lose health for a time unless they use a medkit or HealPad to heal themselves. The Venom lasts for 10 seconds and, brings a player down to 50% of their total health. Every time the player is hurt, it deals one-eighth of their total health.
  • Firebrand
    • This sword is the same length as the Venomshank. Generally, this sword is valued for its length, and the fact that an active Firebrand makes any Ice Dagger useless against the Firebrand's holder.
  • Ice Dagger
    • A very influential weapon, the Ice Dagger is a small white sword. If kept active for a 3 seconds, the sword will change to a blue color and gain the ability to instantly kill other players, by freezing them. If another player has a Firebrand or ForceField active, the Ice Dagger has no effect.
  • Illumina
    • This sword has the most damage values out of any other. It emits purple sparkles, which will also appear around any nearby invisible enemies using a Ghostwalker or a ShadowSphere. You can jump over 3x as high by lunging and jumping with light or no hats.
  • Windforce
    • You can sweep away your opponent with this sword, as it applies a strong knock-back to any player it hits. While a great way to deal with people when you are in a tight spot, it should be noted that deaths caused by falling off the map do not count towards your score.
  • Darkheart
    • A strong black sword with the ability to give 40% of your opponent's health to you. Its range is that of a regular sword, but a good dueling weapon. Many people consider this the best sword in the game, as it's damage is slightly less than Illumina's.


  • JetBoots
    • The JetBoots, are found on top of a tall pillar, allow a player to fly for a short amount of time. Used only to save the players life or to get to a certain location.
  • ShadowSphere
    • The ShadowSphere is a black, semi-transparent, sphere that renders the user completely transparent for 6 seconds.
  • ShieldSphere
    • The ShieldSphere is found near the bright violet gate. When collected, it can give you a temporary forcefield which lasts for 8 seconds.
  • Medkit
    • The Medkit, also called Medpack, is a small white block with a red cross on it and restores a player's health 100% when used.
  • Battle Armor
    • The Battle Armor is a reflective brick in the shape of a player's torso, that are found throughout the map. They increase the player's maximum health to 200.


Shedletsky has put an assortment of badges in this place.


20 Kills at Sword Fights on the Heights

  • 97 Kills at Sword Fight on the Heights
    • Manage 97 kills at Sword Fights on the Heights IV. Some people believe that this number refers to the year 1997, as some event that is important to ROBLOX's history could have happened.
  • Blademaster
    • Amass 20 kills at Sword Fights on the Heights IV without dying once. This is often achieved by using a Ghostwalker, or Ice dagger because they do the most damage (although it has been gained using a normal sword).
John, loved of muses

John, Loved of Muses

  • John, Loved of Muses
    • Find this badge under the Illumina stand. You'll have to have the Jetboots or Ghostwalker to get it. At the back of the Illumina stand there is a non-collied able brick. Use the JetBoots or Ghostwalker to go through it.

It is now permanently unobtainable because it has been discontinued.


Most of the SFOTH IV servers are exploited due to the game's high popularity. In order to combat exploiting, Shedletsky created a badge that is only obtainable by exploiting the game or flying up high.


A remake of the original sword fights on the heights is planned to be released from a third party studio. It is planned to include a story mode and an online multiplayer mode. It is unknown if the project will be finished. 

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