Shadow Run is a game created by Tabula Rasa Studios. It is well known for its unique and complex obby mechanics and hard stages.

It was featured in the Pizza Party event, where users could receive the Pinata Hat using the Community Pizza Launcher.


The game was first created under the name "Shadow Run 2" but was later completely recoded and then rebranded to "Shadow Run". The game is notable for being one of the first games to support Localization tools and many languages.

Also, Shadow Run's UI was redesigned for the Pizza Party event.


Players criticize the game for being difficult and hard to complete, especially when in the 150-199 stage areas, as the stages were designed to be quite hard. Upon completing the level, players can play in a bonus level that has received more criticism for being one of the game's hardest levels. However, players who complete this level will be given a perk in the upcoming sequel, Shadow Run 2.

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