Deathrun is a game created by Team Deathrun, with the lead developer of Team Deathrun being Wsly.

In Deathrun, you either play as a Runner or the Killer. The Runner's objective is to reach the end of the track by avoiding, dodging, or surviving the traps the Killer as activated. The Killer's objective is to kill all the Runners trying to reach the end and slash the killer.

The game is still popular as the interest rate ranges from 500 to 1700 users playing daily, however, the game is rarely updated since Wsly is in University.


The following interview was between Thundermaker300 and Zomebody on Error: Page "User blog:RBLXDeveloperInterviews/Zomebody: Deathrun" does not exist., as part of the Developer Connections Project.

What was it like developing Deathrun?
We had a good idea of what we wanted to do when we started working on Roblox Deathrun. The predecessor - Deathrun 2 - was getting difficult maintain and did not have a foundation that made it easy to keep up with the new features Roblox was adding. Overall I feel like I learned a lot because at the time I started to understand programming on a more conceptual level and game development became less about what can I make and more about what do I want to make?
What challenges did you have to overcome while developing? What was the most challenging?
For me personally it is becoming difficult to come up with new, refreshing maps. We want all gameplay to feel different and unique, but with the number of maps and traps currently in the game, it becomes difficult to come up with new surprises. We did have maps from Deathrun 2 we could borrow some ideas from, but you also want to come up with something new when working on a successor; Otherwise it wouldn’t really feel new.
What did you enjoy most while developing Deathrun?
Testing new content has always been one of my personal highlights. It is always fun seeing people explore a new map for the first time; They never quite know what to expect.
What was it like to develop a game that was featured in an official Roblox event?
It always feels nice to see your own game anywhere in Roblox’s marketing material. It gives you this feeling that the company that hosts your creation acknowledges that it is an example to strife for. Although sometimes it can be a little frustrating to see newcomers completely miss some obvious signals.
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
Nothing that comes to mind at the moment.


  • Pirate Cove
  • Ancient Jungle
  • Castle Defense
  • Ice Cavern
  • Training Course
  • Safety First
  • Poisoned Sky Ruins
  • Isla Louca
  • Electricity Outpost
  • Jurrasic Volcano
  • Surface Escape
  • Festive Fallen Factory (Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time Event Map, Removed)
  • Jagged Junkyard (Season 1 map)
  • Galatic Terminal (Season 2 map)
  • Goo'y Gameshow (Season 3 Map)
  • Poisonous Avenue (Halloween Exclusive, Removed)

As a runner

  • Every game played- 20XP & 2 Coins
  • Every coin collected- 5XP & 1 Coin
  • Every Checkpoint reached- 12XP & 1 Gem
  • Every gem collected- 10XP & 1 Gem
  • Reaching the end- 25XP & 9 Coins
  • Killing the Killer- 10XP & 5 Coins
  • Winning- 100-200XP & 10 Coins

As The Killer

  • Every game played- 84XP & 5 Coins
  • Every Runner Killed- 7XP & 5 Coins
  • Winning- 130/250XP & 10 Coins


  • Crystal Winds (2018 Winter Exclusive)
  • Ice Dagger
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Necrosapien Staff
  • King Of Bones
  • Winged Angel
  • Unvanquishined Snake
  • Overseer Hammer
  • Skeleton Arm
  • Swords Of Sword
  • Hallows Sword
  • Festive Energy
  • Festive Tree
  • Mega Mallet
  • Pizza Sword
  • Golems Hammer
  • Eternal Abyss
  • Crescendo
  • Egg Beater
  • Gear Works
  • Paper Sword
  • Winter Winds
  • Snowman Sword
  • Blizzard Striker
  • Periastron Chi
  • Icy Spiky Club
  • Captains Sword
  • Fish
  • Lieutenant Cutlass
  • 8Bit Sword
  • Solid Stick
  • Tix Sword
  • Rainbow Kantana
  • Unicorn Avenger
  • Golden Eagle
  • Bombastic Kantana
  • Toy Sword (Default)
  • Frying Pan
  • Rolling Pin
  • Spikey Stick
  • Linked Sword
  • Claymore
  • HighLander
  • Brigands Sword
  • Tempest Blade
  • Destiny Blade
  • Blue Lightsaber
  • Green Lightsaber
  • Red Lightsaber
  • Lucky Blade
  • Mystic Tides
  • Mythic West
  • Trusty Blade
  • Spring Growth
  • Spring Flower
  • Blades of the Lands 
  • Diamond blade
  • Cardboard Sword (Season 1 exclusive)
  • Bluefire Biograft (Season 1 + Golden Pass Exclusive)


Said above, in order for the Runners to win, one of the Runners must successfully reach to the end of the track, which has a teleporter. When the Runner steps on the teleporter, the player will be teleported to the Killer's area and being given a weapon. Using the weapon, the Runner must kill the Killer with it before the time runs out. Failing to kill the Killer in time will result in the loss for the Runners.

In order for the Killer to win, the Killer must use the traps to successfully kill all of the Runners trying to make it to the end. However, if one of the Runners reaches the end, the Killer's only choice is to avoid the Runner(s) trying to kill the Killer. If the Killer manages to survive when the time runs out, the Killer wins.

To prevent the Runners camping at the "safe-spots" of the track, such as the start of the track or spots where there is no trap, there is The Hand. The Hand becomes mobile around 30 seconds - 1 minute, killing the people who are AFK at the spawn of the track. After that, the Hand travels forward slowly, going at the path of the track itself. If a Runner gets too close to the Hand, the Hand will quickly move toward runner and kill them. In order to be safe from The Hand, the Runners must be a safe distance away from the hand.

Maps - In detail

Maps are the courses that runners need to reach the end of in order to kill the killer. They are built and decorated on their name and each of them have traps, area for the killer, buttons to trigger traps, and they award coins.

Jurassic Volcano

This takes place on a volcano, with the runners high above a valley of lava. Traps include hands coming from the ground, collapsing rocks, a collapsing bridge, skeleton fish, turrets and a dragon. Jurassic Volcano was made by WafflemanXx and Wsly.

  • 1st Trap- After the small bridge, many hands come out of a small platform. They go back down into the ground after a couple of seconds.
  • 2nd Trap- The floating big rocks fall into the lava, but not the small ones. There's a 50% chance whether the big rocks on the left or right falls, which means not all of them actually fall.
  • 3rd Trap- After reaching the first checkpoint and then a pretty long walk, 3 rocks floating on the lava moves flow and drop down the lava fall. They appear almost immediately after the rock falls down the lava fall. 
  • 4th Trap- Many skeleton fish are thrown onto the track from a pool of lava on the right side. 
  •  5th Trap- Some planks of the bridge disappear and appear again shortly after that. 
  • 6th Trap- The pool of lava under the big wire gauze erupts for a few seconds. 
  • 7th Trap- After the second checkpoint, the same as the first trap, hands come up from the ground again, but this time there's more.
  • 8th Trap- 2 tall towers with eyeballs on the top shoot explosives at runners when they're within their range.
  • 9th Trap- Same as the Second trap, the big rocks falls and the small ones stay. But now all of the big rocks fall, unlike the second trap where only half of them fall.
  • 10th Trap- A big stone fire dragon blows a lot of fire for a few seconds.

Castle Defense

This map takes place in a castle, with water that kills players. Traps include bows, bombs, rolling barrels, a crocodile, a dragon and more. Tips: The barrels trap after the trap where the bomb destroys the bridge spawns twice, so beware- don't go up already after the first two rolls down, the other two barrels will spawn in a few seconds. Castle Defence is made by Sofloann and Zomebody.

  • 1st Trap- 3 archers shoot arrows at the same time 4 times. (this trap normally doesn't work, so you normally don't die.)
  • 2nd Trap- The cannons shoot bombs towards the 3 platforms, destroying them. They reappear again after a few seconds.
  • 3rd Trap- 4 bombs surrounding the checkpoint suddenly turn red and shortly after that, explode.(you can throw the bombs down to the water before it explodes)
  • 4th Trap- 4 poles preventing 2 logs from falling down a waterfall suddenly vanish, making the logs float off the waterfall. The poles appear again after a few seconds and then 2 more logs float out of the cave.
  • 5th Trap- A catapult shoots a cannonball towards the big bridge and destroys it. The bridge won't reappear again therefore runners have to jump on the big rocks underneath it. (best thing to do is jump onto the stones under the bridge even before the killer activates the trap)
  • 6th Trap- A pair of barrels roll down a slope. The barrels can be avoided by standing in a hole in the wall.
  • 7th Trap- After the second checkpoint and the gate opens, some oil falls from 2 cauldrons on top of the wall.
  • 8th Trap- A big crocodile bites and destroys the bridge. The bridge reappears again after that.
  • 9th Trap- 2 big hammers swing two times.
  • 10th Trap- A torch falls and burns the oil on the floor for a couple of seconds.(the third & final checkpoint is before this trap)
  • 11th Trap- A dragon blows fire onto another bridge. 

Isla Louca

This map is a laboratory on a secluded tropical island. Purple acid is the main danger in this map. Traps include sharks, purple smoke, acid fills, spikes, falling platforms, winds, and turrets. Isla Louca is made by Sofloann

  • 1st Trap- Sharks jump out from the water across the long wooden bridge.
  • 2nd Trap- Turrets eject out poisonous purple smoke for a couple of seconds. A rock in the middle blocks the smoke.
  • 3rd Trap- Pipes pour purple acid to fill up the big pool. Runners can jump onto 1
  •  rock in the middle of the pool to avoid the trap. The purple acid sinks after a the pipes stop pourng acid.
  • 4th Trap- 2 cannons appear from the ground and shoot everyone that is in their range.
  • 5th Trap- A purple wall appears and moves towards the runners and shortly moves beck to its original position.
  • 6th Trap- 3 or 4 of 5 platforms turn from horizontal to vertical.
  • 7th Trap- A wall turns down quickly and crushes players beneath it.
  • 8th Trap- 2 big fans blow players off the map.
  • 9th Trap- A lot of spikes appear from rows of holes in the ground and almost instantly disappear
  • 10th Trap- Most planks of the bridge collapse, with few staying. Planks re-appear very shortly after.
  • 11th Trap- Like the 3rd trap, purple acids fill up the pool then sinks again.

Ancient Jungle

This map takes the player through a jungle. Traps include floods, collapsing platforms, a collapsing bridge, nets, falling tree, and bombs. Before 2018 Ancient Jungle was called Corrupted Jungle. It had no temple and was significantly less detailed than the modern version. Ancient Jungle is made by Zomebody and Wsly, Deathrun 2 version made by OKevinO.

  • 1st Trap- Grass foliage falls, revealing a small wooden walkway and a mud pit.
  • 2nd Trap- Geysers start appearing for a few seconds and shoot out boiling smoke and water from the ground.
  • 3rd Trap- The big pool is filled up with water after the button is been pressed. Wooden blocks appear after a few seconds for runners to pass through the 'flood'.
  • 4th Trap- After the checkpoint, a net is ready to trap runners.
  • 5th Trap- 4 platforms disappear except either one of the two in the middle.
  • 6th Trap- 5 big rocks that stick to the wall await. The first, third and fifth rock will collapses while the second and the fourth rock stays. But, those two are also dangerous, because another 2 big rock fall on them. The rocks reappear after a while.
  • 7th Trap- The bridge collapses, apart from the dark brown planks. There is a 50% chance for each side of the bridge to have a thin wooden pole stay for runners to cross.
  • 8th Trap- Lots of dynamites and crates explode.
  • 9th Trap- 2 Wooden walls rise up and trap runners. Bombs will start spawning, these bombs can be thrown away  before they explode.

Ice Cavern

This map takes place in an icy cave. There are many traps in this map including ice spikes, rock falls, frots blasts, spinning platforms, slides, etc. Ice Cavern is made by Zomebody.

  • 1st Trap- The 2 ice platforms at the front and the back will have half of each collapse, while the other 2 in the middle, either one of them will break and one will not.
  • 2nd Trap- A few ice spikes emerge and retract from the ground.
  • 3rd Trap- A stone golem blows out some frost breath from its mouth, which can be avoided if the runner stands behind 1 of the 2 ice walls.
  • 4th Trap- Rocks will fall from the top of a short tunnel.
  • 5th Trap- 6 ice platforms float on the water. 4 of them will rotate and make the player lose balance.
  • 6th Trap- A giant stone frog blasts icy breath at the different platforms. The frost can be avoided if you stand behind a platform in the middle.
  • 7th Trap- Like the second trap, ice spikes emerge. But more spikes emerge this time.
  • 8th Trap- Part of the slide at the top disappears and part of the slide at the bottom disappears to reveal a lava pool. 
  • 9th Trap- A big purple wall appears from the ground and moves towards the player. However, the wall can be destroyed if players throw 3 snowballs at the wall. You can also use a snowball to skip this trap and move to the last trap.
  • 10th Trap- 4 platforms disappears one by one from the one closest to the finish to the furthest from the finish. This trap can be avoided by standing on a small platform to the right of the second large platform.

Training Course

This map is a normal obstacle course. The traps include strong winds, dynamite, spinners, angry farmers, fire, falling rocks, logs, barrels, etc. Training Course is made by Zomebody.

  • 1st Trap- Strong winds blow people off the stage. It can be avoided if the runner stays behind the rock in the middle of the trap.
  • 2nd Trap- Dynamite and TNT explode and fling or kill players depending on how close they were to the explosion. This trap can also be survived by staying behind a rock in the middle of the trap.
  • 3rd Trap- 3 floating rocks submerge and reappear shortly after.
  • 4th Trap & 5th trap- A wooden rod spins and cause the player to fall off the edge.
  • 6th Trap-A stone dragon breaths fire on the runners. This can be avoided by walking slowly along the edge of the path, but this usually doesn't work.
  • 7th Trap- 2 samurais chase players when button is activated. They can be avoided by standing on the boxes or by going behind the building. (this is where you grab the vases.)
  • 8th Trap- A wooden log falls down the stairs. The log can be blocked with a blue vase.
  • 9th Trap- A farmer kicks a small log at players. The log is very easy to avoid as it only follows 1 route.
  • 10th Trap- The box swings around the 5 platforms, killing players. Be weary that the box can still reach the terrain just before the 1st platform.
  • 11th Trap- A few platforms spin and move in and back out of the terrain repeatedly.

Safety First!

This map takes place on a construction site. Traps include wrecking balls, bulldozers, cars, buzzsaws, explosives, electrical wires and falling platforms. This map features a part in the middle where boxes are swinging non-stop, and being hit by one kills you. The lengthy buzzsaw survival trap near the end can also result in the hand getting you, however this trap has been removed. This will be one of the hardest map for beginners. Safety First is made by xXDJDucklingXx and Wsly.

  • 1st Trap- Multiple stone bricks tumble down onto the ground
  • 2nd Trap- A wooden plank snaps apart causing payers to fall in cement. A cement truck promptly begins filling the hole with the cement an them the cement solidifies.
  • 3rd Trap- A massive wrecking ball sweeps along the ground. This also destroys a wall that can alternatively be destroyed slowly by standing in a yellow zone.
  • 4th Trap- A bulldozer drives in a straight line, eventually crashing into a wall.
  • 5th Trap- Spinning sawblades emerge from the ground in 6 places, quickly going down again.
  • 6th Trap- An array of spikes shoot out from a black tiled rectangle.
  • 7th Trap- 2 planks connecting platforms break apart. They appear again shortly after.
  • 8th Trap- Lots of dynamite and TNT detonate.
  • 9th Trap- A wire hanging from the ceiling has a sudden surge of electricity, killing all players near it.
  • 10th Trap-3 air vents start sucking in air, if a player gets sucked in, they will fall and die.
  • 11th Trap-3 trucks drive forward, eventually crashing into a wall.

Pirate Cove

This map take place on an island populated by pirates and was added for the 2017 Buried Treasure Event. Traps include waves, worms, cannonballs and bombs. The hand is a bunch of zombie pirates. This is one of the shortest maps of all the maps in Deathrun. Pirate Cove is made by Wsly.

  • 1st Trap- A cannon shoots at a plank, destroying it. The plank reappears soon after.
  • 2nd Trap- Same as the 1st, apart from applying to a different plank.
  • 3rd Trap- For every player, a huge snake/worm appears from the ground and goes back into another spot.
  • 4th Trap- Summons a wave to kill players.
  • 5th Trap- Same as the 4th, apart from applying to a different area.
  • 6th Trap- The mud rises and covers the stone platforms.
  • 7th Trap- The same as the 6th trap except the leyout of the rocks is different.
  • 8th Trap- For each tree, a snake comes down in an attempt to pull up players.
  • 9th Trap- 1 of the 2 stone platforms sink, coming back shortly after.
  • 10th Trap- 2 big hammers swing two times.
  • 11th Trap- 2 Wooden walls rise up and trap runners. Bombs will start spawning, these bombs can be thrown away before they explode.

Poisoned Sky Ruins

This take place in a sky and includes a variety of traps. The traps include moving platforms, breakable wood, slope collapse, turrets and spikes. Poisoned Sky Ruins is made by Wsly and Zomebody.

  • 1st Trap- 3 Stone pillars crumble down onto the runners.
  • 2nd Trap- 4 platforms go into the wall one by one, from furthest from the start to closest. The platforms come back shortly after.
  • 3rd Trap- There are 2 scenarios that can happen here, 1st is that the wooden plank collapses, and the 2nd being that the stone pillar to the left of the plank breaks.
  • 4th Trap- Same as the third, apart from being in a different location
  • 5th Trap- 2 crossbows start firing poisonous rods at the drawbridge and the terrain.
  • 6th Trap- A wooden wall eplodes, and 4 barrels roll out of the area covered by the wood.
  • 7th Trap- 2 of the 3 stone platforms sink, shortly emerging afterwards.
  • 8th Trap- A lighter area of the floor will tilt 90 degrees, leading players and objects to fall on both sides.
  • 9th Trap- 3 little holes in the walls spew out purple poisonous smoke.
  • 10th Trap- The direction of the spikes switches and the spikes will emerge very fast.

Electricity Outpost

This map is based around electricity, taking place in technological buildings, having energy-based objects etc. Traps include exploding energy barrels, electric tesla, electrical wires, a treadmill, a massive robot, and trains. Electricity Outpost is made by AntEverything and Mightty

  • 1st Trap- A clear barrel releases a bunch of blue matter and smoke.
  • 2nd Trap- A massive tesla tower shoots out lightning bolts to all nearby players.
  • 3rd Trap- A set of loose wires on the floor will zap players 4 times.
  • 4th Trap- 2 rectangular platforms quickly thrust upwards, coming down shortly after.
  • 5th Trap- A treadmill starts, rapidly moving players into their death unless they stand in the middle (runners cannot jump when on the treadmill).
  • 6th Trap- A wall turns down quickly and crushes players beneath it.
  • 7th Trap- Same as the 6th except for crushing a different spot.
  • 8th Trap- A giant robot fires out waves of pulsing energy 5 times towards 4 different platforms.
  • 9th Trap- A giant magnet pulls energy barrels towards it.
  • 10th Trap- A flourescent lighting bar falls and rolls down the stairs.
  • 11th Trap- A monorail train quickly zooms along the line
  • 12th Trap- Same as the eleventh, apart from being in a slightly different position.

Poisonous Avenue

This map takes place in a gloomy area, with caves and spooky horrors. Traps here include exploding gases, acid pools and large creatures. However, Poisonous Avenue was removed from Deathrun due to it being to 'scary' and would have to leave Deathrun to be marked as a Horror game if Poisonous Avenue were to stay. Poisonous Avenue is made by AntEverything.

  • 1st Trap- 2 Stone platforms submerge and rise again a few seconds later.
  • 2nd Trap- A serpent spews out poisonous smoke from one side of the bridge to the other.
  • 3rd Trap- 2 hooded figures spill 2 couldron full of acid, leaving acid puddles on the floor for a few seconds.
  • 4th Trap- 2 platforms break apart.
  • 5th Trap- Same as the 4th except for different positioning.
  • 6th Trap- 3 barrels full of green gas explode one by one.
  • 7th Trap- A singular crossbow rapidly fires acid rods.
  • 8th Trap- Many spiders crawl along a part of the track sandwiched between 2 fences.
  • 9h Trap- A few large fish jump out of the poison to attack players on the rocks.
  • 10th Trap- A windmill starts blowing players off the cliff.
  • 11th Trap- A purple acid spinner starts spinning

Surface Escape

Surface Escape is a revamp of, well, Surface Escape from Deathrun 2. Surface Escape's theme is underground/cave.  Surface Escape is made by Zomebody, Deathrun 2 version made by NWSpacek.

  • 1st Trap- 3 parts on a bridge will seperate and rotate at a 90 degree angle, causing players to fall into the water.
  • 2nd Trap- A platform will collapse and a boulder rolls down a slope. The boulder is pretty buggy and has a chance of falling off the slope completely.
  • 3rd Trap- 3 holes in a wall will shoot fire onto a platform.
  • 4th Trap- A coal cart on fire will travel on a rickety bridge with rails on it and halt on a wall.
  • 5th Trap- 10 rotating rocks will sink into lava and re-appear shortly after.
  • 6th Trap- The water rises and stops before it suberges 3 rocks which are significantly taller than the rest.
  • 7th Trap- Two rotating platforms will spin very fast.
  • 8th Trap- A boulder hanging on a rope will swing over a platform.
  • 9th Trap- Strong winds blow people off the stage. It can be avoided if the runner stays behind one of 2 Rocks.
  • 10th Trap- A bomb will fall from on top of a platform and explode between the 3rd and 4th platform but only the 3rd platform will disappear and it won't respawn. To pass you have to jump onto platforms in a hole in the wall.

Festive Fallen Factory (2019 Easter Egg Hunt)

Festive Fallen Factory was a map temporarily added to Deathrun just for the Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time. It function very differently than all the other maps and has different trap mechanics, so the traps will be explained differently here. Festive Fallen Factory also has the most hazards in a single map. The goal of the runners is to collect Energy Cores and put them in a little area at the start. When there is a sufficient amount of rocks collected the finish pad will activate for the runners to kill the killer. There are also cannonballs which are routinely thrown around the map. The layout of Festive Fallen Factory is a circle and the traps will be listed clockwise, starting from the spawn zone. The button mechanics also operate differently in which when one trap is activated all the others become yellow and act as if they were activated except the trap won't happen, e.g. mud rising, boulders rolling. Festive Fallen Factory is made by Wsly.

  • There are 2 giant hammes which take turns to squish runners. If the killer activates the trap the hammer which is up will immediately come down.
  • There is a conveyor belt and 5 pipes. The pipes will spew coloured smoke one after the other. When the trap is presses all the pipes will spew out their associated smoke colour.
  • There is a conveyor belt and 4 hydraulics. The bottom of a hydraulic will become yellow meaning it's about to come down. This happens in a random order. When the button is pressed all the hydraulics will come down, but they will become yellow before comeing down too.
  • There is a very large cauldron full of mud which leaks from one of 3 places randomly with a long delay between each leak. When the trap is activated, the cauldron will leak mud from all 3 possible places.
  • There is a very long slide and 2 pipes at the top. The pipes will take turns ejecting boulders on their side of the slide. When the button is pressed both pipes will eject boulders at the same time.
  • There are 2 routes to go to but both are affected by a single button. The route on the left side features some stones protruding from the mud. The route on the right side has 3 long stones and 2 tall stones protruding from the mud. When the button is pressed the mud rises, submerging all of the stones except for the ones which have grass on them.

Jagged Junkyard

Jagged Junkyard was added alongside Seasons. It is the first map in Deathrun to have 13 traps within the map, as well as having the first re-usable choice trap. Jagged Junkyard was made by Griffenpeep123

  • 1st Trap- Three rusty metal platforms are floating, 2 of them sink into the water and rise again.
  • 2nd Trap- A metal platform shifts and reveals a pile of hot coals.
  • 3rd Trap - Planks on a bridge disappear and only 4 planks are left.
  • 4th Trap- A spinner spins and trips players into water on the left or right.
  • 5th Trap- Two of three conveyor belts activate and throw players off to the right side
  • 6th Trap- A hydraulic press comes down and crushes players.
  • 7th Trap- A giant electromagnet falls and snaps a plank bridge
  • 8th Trap- A piston comes from the right and pushes players off.
  • 9th Trap- Fire comes from a pipe and burns runners.
  • 10th Trap- The killer has two options of pipes to burn, only one will become extremely hot while the other stays cool
  • 11th Trap- A cauldron full of molten metal is poured onto a slightly lowered piece of ground.
  • 12th Trap- Two rotating platforms wildly spin
  • 13th Trap- Oil is set of fire. You can avoid the fire by standing on a platform to the right of the trap.

Galactic Terminal

Galactic Terminal is a huge terminal flying through space and is a very detailed map. It features some of the longest and most difficult traps to evade, possibly making it harder than Safety First. Galactic Terminal also has a section with a moving laser wall which covers many platforms except 2 little ones. Galactic TErminal was made by ElectroBlast199.

  • 1st trap- One of 2 laser gates will be activated above the moving platforms.
  • 2nd trap- An electromagnet deactivates, dropping metal crates onto a bridge.
  • 3rd trap- A louspeaker looking machine shoots fireballs along a bridge from one of 3 places 6 times.
  • 4th trap- A platform retracts into lower ground causing runners to fall.
  • 5th trap- Rotating laser walls spin counter-clockwise quickly.
  • 6th trap- One of two platforms sink.
  • 7th trap- Same as the 6th trap except for being in a different location.
  • 8th trap- 3 large orange lights will fall from the ceiling and explode when they hit the ground. You can survive the lights and explosions by either hugging the window areas between the explosions or jumping onto the plants.
  • 9th trap- 2 laser gates activate trapping players in a small space. Then a wall of lasers sweep over the trapped area. The laser wall can be avoided by jumping onto the stone on the left. 
  • 10th trap- A turret fires at 5 platforms 7 times.

Goo'y Gameshow

Goo'y Gameshow is currently the newest map added to Deathrun. It is a gameshow which is similar to Wipeout or Splatalot, and has lost of slime related traps. Goo'y Gameshow also uses exclusive voice actors. There is a secret diamond located before the large spinner trap. You must walk on the tiny outcropping on the castle wall on the right side util you reach the terrain. There should be a small place where the gem is located. Goo'y Gameshow is made by GriffenPeep123

  • 1st trap - 3 huge axes swing down and knock players into the water.
  • 2nd trap - 2 large water guns filled with slime fill up a small corner-shaped pool but don't submerge a platform at the corner
  • 3rd trap - Spikes rise from 5 marked platforms.
  • 4th trap - A faucet drops slime onto a 'tongue', as quoted by GriffenPeep123. The slime slides down the tongue but falls off at the corner.
  • 5th trap - 2 conveyors pointing at a platform will speed up to throw players into the gaps between the said platform and conveyors.
  • 6th trap - A bridge breaks. Couldn't be any more simple.
  • 7th trap - A large rotating spinner knocks players off the pedastals but not off the terrain.
  • 8th trap - A huge cauldron filled with slime tips it's contents onto a wide red carpet.
  • 9th trap - A wrecking ball destroys part of the wall over the checkpoint and then proptly disconnects itself. Be careful, the wrecking ball can still kill even when disconnected.
  • 10th trap - A spinner spins over a slope and causes players to slide.
  • 11th trap - A singular crossbow fires slime cylanders at players, causing them to tumble down the stairs.


Deathrun provides two ingame currency. One is coins, the other one is Gems.

Coins are normal currency, being obtained from participating in rounds. The more achievements you made that round, the more coins you get. Coins are also obtained in the track itself.

Gems are premium currency. The only time you'll be getting a Gem without buying them with Robux is in maps (Mainly on checkpoints), collecting the single gem the fountain in the water spews out or by getting lucky whilst fishing.


Seasons in Deathrun use the same features from in-game events. However, they differ because the collectibles won't be taken from your account once you redeem items unlike in other ingame events, but rather you have to reach a certain amount of collectibles to unlock the rewards, and there are a lot more rewards. A lot of the rewards are gems, coins, XP and gadgets but there are a few exclusive items that won't be accessible after the season has ended. To get a lot of the rewards you need to purchase a Gold Pass for 400 Robux.

Season 1 - Scrappy Beginnings

  • Scrap (Collectibles)
  • Jagged Junkyard (Map)
  • Cardboard Sword (150 Scrap)
  • Movie Trail'er (1200 Scrap)
  • Thunder Cloud Trail (150 Scrap + Gold Pass)
  • Bluefire Biograft (1200 Scrap + Gold Pass)
  • Thriller Emote (3000 Scrap + Gold Pass)

Season 2 - Galactic Holidays

  • Snowflakes (Collectibles)
  • Galactic Terminal (Map)
  • Blizzard Wand (250 Snowflakes)
  • Jam Charger (1800 Snowflakes)
  • Candy Cane Trail (6000 Snowflakes)
  • 2019 Fireworks (250 Snowflakes + Gold Pass)
  • Icy Axe (1800 Snowflakes + Gold Pass)
  • Rainbow Saber (6000 Snowflakes + Gold Pass)

Season 3 - Goo'y Gameshow

  • Energy Cores (These collectibles have a tendancy to jump around!)
  • Goo'y Gameshow (Map)
  • Eggsplosive Artifact of Energy (15 Cores)
  • Melting Guitar (100 Cores)
  • Bright Spotlight (420 Cores)
  • Smashing Guitar (100 Cores + Gold Pass)
  • Megagavel (220 Cores + Gold Pass)
  • Slime Trail (420 Cores + Gold Pass)
  • Faceplant Emote (900 Cores + Gold Pass)


Glitch 1: There is a glitch in the game that allows the player to exit the lobby at any time.

Step 1: When you spawn, walk towards the hill on the top left of the screen intill you arrive at the banner. Jump on the banner using the nearby box then jump to the nearby green ledge.

Step 2: Walk to the tree, and stand on the middle. Then zoom in your camera, and walk to the top of the tree branch, the closest one to the ledge you were on earlier, and then turn your camera so it's facing your player. Finally, jump to the higher out of bounds ledge. You should be now in front of a castle.

Step 3: Walk to the right of the castle, and face the dirt wall. Now slowly tap the right and bottom keys intill you slip through the crack. Fall towards the map and your now out of bounds.

Features: You are able to walk around a 180 degree area around the lobby, specifically where the ocean is. You can access the nearby islands, however walking to far out will cause you to fall out of the map and respawn at the spawn point. This is 1 of the 2 ways to die inside the lobby.

Glitch 2: When the intermission of a round is beginning, walk to a slide and stand next to it. Once the timer reaches 0 at the bottom of the screen, immediately walk into the sitting area of the slide. You will die, but 1 of 2 things will happen depending on your timing:

Result 1: You will teleport into the map before the other players do, and will see your character intill the game covers your screen.

Result 2: You will spawn in the lobby, but in the game. The intro will play, and then you will be standing in the lobby. If your a runner, the game won't end intill the time is up, unless you die using the out of bounds glitch. If you were the killer however, the game will immediately end.

Watch Here Easy Way To Get Out The Lobby ""

Glitch 2: When the game is intermission, go to a fish catching area and go fishing. Will have 2 result: 1: if you press e fast, then you will spawn into the game like others. 2: like the result 2 of glitch 1 but you can move.


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