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Identity Fraud is a horror maze game created by Team M0THERB0ARD.  As of December 8, 2018, this game has been visited over 10M+ times, and favorited over 153K+ times.  As of March 11, 2019, the description of the game says:

Find your way out, and solve puzzles along the way. 

  • 32bitPC made this stupid game.
  • Meta_data is a Helper.


In order to beat the game you have to finish the Mazes without dying, and defeat The Last Hurdle or the Hurdle. If you die, you will be respawned back in Maze 1 if you have not made it to maze three. In this game, you will have to also solve puzzles to find your way out of the mazes and into the Hurdle's room.



In this horror game there are mazes, and each of these mazes are different from each other. Also, in some of these mazes there are codes, which are different for each server. 

Maze 1/Starting Maze []

This is the maze that you first start in. When first join the game, you are randomly spawned somewhere in this maze. In this maze, there are lanterns that can light the way, and the walls are tan brick walls. Stan, Ralph, or Fraud could be found in this part of the maze. In this maze, there is a mirror, which you could use to help guide your way. At the end of this maze, there would be a button that you would have to press in order to open door to the next maze. But careful, as if you don't go into the second maze and you pressed the button it will be red (cannot push) for atleast seven minutes.

Maze 2[]

The second maze in the game, which is after you pass the first maze. The walls of the maze is made up of grass, but you can't go through the grass. The floor of the maze is white granite, which looks like marble. Alice, Stan, and Fraud (if he chases you in) are in halls of this maze. In this maze there is a hidden entrance where you can go past the maze, but to do so, you have to find a code in order to open the door to proceed. At the end of this maze you would have to open the door to the next maze, and to do that, you would need a group of people there to open the door. 

Maze 3/Final Maze[]

In this maze, there is a something that most people consider as a "mini-boss" of the game. His name is James, and he would go to you if you try to move in his sight, if he reaches you, you die and respawn back at the beggining of the maze. The only other monster that is supposed to be there is Stan, but there can be Fraud or Ralph (cannot go in anymore), but only if they are glitched. To progress through this maze, you would have to find a radio, which emits a morse code through the beeping. When the morse code is decoded, you would have to say the code in chat, and the door to The Hallway will then open. 

The Hallway[]

To get to The Hallway, you must first complete all of the mazes. In The Hallway, there are windows which leak in light into the corridor with elegant red carpet on the marble floor. The Hallway leads to the Boss Arena, but first you have to decode a little box that has a seven digit code and a Base 16 code. This code is different in every server, which make decoding it harder. To decode this code you must use a Hexadecimal Decoder. After you decoded the code, it will give you a sentence that shows you the next step to decoding the code. For an example, "Replace all 3's with a 2's." Apply this sentence to the top half of the panel. For example, 9819113 would become 9819112. After you decode this, enter your result in chat. The metal doors should open after you have typed the right code in chat.

Boss Arena[]

To get to the Boss Arena, you must first decode the code in The Hallway. The Boss Arena has marble floors, and pillars, which are spaced out evenly. To defeat the The Last Hurdle you can hide behind the marble pillars and shoot The Last Hurdle while he is distracted trying to hit another person, or when he isn't trying to kill you. The only monsters who could come/is inside the Boss Room is James (only with glitches), and The Last Hurdle. 


Stan (Also known as the Master of Stares): Is a black figure with red glowing eyes. He appears in every maze of the games except for the boss room.

Alice (Also known as Kate, Yellow Dot Monster, Ralph's girlfriend, Lady Stan and Zombie): A monster that has two states. In her pixie state, she does not attack you and she looks like a butterfly/firefly, but if she is near you or the group you are with, she will become her humanoid state. In her humanoid state, she can chase you, and if she gets to you, she chokes you to death. But as of 2024, there are camps where Alice cannot get to and a timer for the lights. If the lights are on, Alice cannot go into her humanoid state as her humanoid state is a zombie (reference to minecraft zombies).

Ralph (Also known as Mass Murder): A black humanoid with black armor and carrying a machete. 

Fraud (Also known as Master of Disguise): Is at first a black humanoid figure until it kills a player, which by then it takes the form of the player it has killed. 

James (Also known as Scare Master): Is a multi-eyed creature with a tuxedo. Some people consider him as a mini boss of the game.

Identity (Also known as the Jailor): White male with gray suit similar to James, and has brown hair. He no longer spawns. He used to teleport you to a jail cell, where you both die to a firing squad.

The Last Hurdle (Also known as Final Boss): A humanoid with an armor, having a special glow on its chest. Considered the final boss of the game.


Radar: This item is brought with 50 Robux (As of 12/8/2018). Used to detect if there are any monsters nearby. If the color of the radar's screen is green it normally means you are good or clear of monsters. If the color of the radar's screen is yellow it means that you are getting close to a monster. If the color of the Radar's screen is red it means that you are really close to the monster, close enough that they can spot you, or almost close enough. Advanced Radar: This item can be purchased for 150 Robux after the re-vamp. It allows you to detect players AND monsters on your screen. It updates very quickly, unlike the normal radar.

Rocket Launcher: Used to kill the Final Boss/The Last Hurdle. It is only given to you in the Boss Arena. You can not hit other players with the rocket launcher.