Amethysto (formerly known as the villain Darkmatter) is the main antagonist (in Missions 1-4), the fifth protagonist hero in Heroes of Robloxia and one of the characters in a quest in Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales


Amethysto was corrupted by an evil force and became Darkmatter, with his newfound darkness powers, he created a growth device and used it to enlarge himself and take over Robloxia, but thanks to his friends Captain Roblox, Overdrive, Tessla and Kinetic, they were able to beat the darkness and bring Amethysto back. 

Being accepted into the team, he uses his new powers, Plasma Bolts and Purple Shields to defeat the obstacles that Cosminus puts in his way. He was able to beat Cosminus and save Robloxia.

In the Game

Mission 1 - Bank Heist Bust

Captain Roblox and Overdrive were sent to a town in Robloxia, where the evil Cicada has robbed the bank for gold. Once Cicada is defeated, a cutscene shows Darkmatter collecting some of the gold for a growth device that Darkmatter created for himself, then goes off to collect the next piece of the device.

Mission 2 - Toxic Takedown

Captain Roblox, Overdrive, and new recruit Tessla, go to the waste factory and defeat Atomic Waste. after his defeat, Darkmatter returns to collect the Uranium for growth device and then heads off to collect the final part.

Mission 3 - Museum Mayhem

Captain Roblox, Tessla, Overdrive, and Kinetic head over to the Robloxia and defeat Dynamo, after the mission is complete, Darkmatter collects the Alien Technology, and completes his growth device. as he fully assembles his device, he plans to destroy the Heroes once and for all

Mission 4 - Purple Peril

Darkmatter Returns to Robloxia, as he uses the growth device to make him grow as big as a skyscraper. using his newfound size, Darkmatter picks up blue canisters which Tessla zaps at, causing it to explode in Darkmatter's oversized hand, and Darkmatter picks up cars to throw at them. Kinetic uses his telekinesis to launch the cars back at him.

Furiously, Darkmatter gets closer and tries to push the heroes off, but Captain Roblox uses his strength and pushed the arm out of the way, and punched the other one to deal damage.

after Darkmatter is defeated, he shrinks back to normal, and all the darkness goes away, leaving behind Amethysto, who doesn't remember the events under the influence of the dark spirit. Amethysto is forgiven for his mistake and is accepted back into the team.

Mission 5 - Cosminus Chaos

Amethysto becomes part of the team. he uses his Plasma Bolts and Shields to get through Cosminus' traps, as soon as Amethysto and the heroes get to the roof, they all take down Cosminus and defeat him.

Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales - Return of the Rabbit

(A Possible Prequel to Mission 5) In Egg Hunt 2018, Amethysto has to save his superhero friends from the clutches of the Rabid Rabbit. he uses his Plasma Bolts to power up switches and defeat Rabid's Robots. in the end, he saved his friends and presumably sent Rabid Rabbit back to his world.


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  • Egg Hunt 2018 is the only game that Amethysto has appeared in, outside of Heroes of Robloxia.
    • While Captain Roblox, Overdrive, Tessla and Kinetic appear in Egg Hunt 2018, along with Amethysto, they also appear in Hallow's Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls, but Amethysto was nowhere to be seen in Hallow's Eve 2017.
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