Kinetic is one of the five main heroes in Heroes of Robloxia. 


Kinetic has telekenesis, hence his name Kinetic, which is short for Telekinetic. he uses his powers to lift things up with his mind and allows his teammates to cross unreachable paths

Role in the game

Kinetic first appears in the third mission, as one of the recruited members. He helps the team defeat Dynamo and trap him back in his cell,

He appears in the fourth mission, where he has to defeat Darkmatter and free Amethysto from the darkness. during the battle, Darkmatter grows himself as tall as one of the buildings and tries to destroy the Robloxian Heroes. As the team defeat Darkmatter, the darkness leaves Amethysto and turns back to normal. while Captain Roblox accepts him into the team.

He appears in the Fifth Mission where he has to help defeat Cosminus. Cosminus hypnotizes the scientists in the building and outside and uses them to Destroy the Heroes, but thanks to the heroes, and their newest Member, Amethysto, they succeeded and defeated Cosminus.


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  • Kinetic makes cameo appearances in Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales and Hallow's Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls.
  • He is the only hero without hair.
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