Overdrive is one of the five main heroes in Heroes of Robloxia, he is the fastest in the team.


Overdrive can cut wires and other strings by using his blades, and can slow down time with his ultimate power. His speed helps him get to places quicker.

Role in the game

Overdrive, along with the leader of the group, Captain Roblox, appear in the first mission where they have to take down some baddies and defeat the villain Cicada, who was released from his cell thanks to Darkmatter. both he and Captain Roblox defeat Cicada and trap him back in his cell.

He appears in Mission 2 with recruited member Tessla, who they help take down Atomic Waste and put him in a cell, and they shut down the Toxic Waste Factory so that it won't cause anymore trouble.

In mission 3 He helps recruited member Kinetic and helps take down Dynamo and stop him from stealing all the dynamite in the Robloxian Museum. 

In Mission 4, it was revealed that one of their members Amethysto is actually Darkmatter, but was corrupted by Darkness. Darkmatter uses his new growth device and enlarges himself to take over Robloxia, but the heroes take down Darkmatter and contain the darkness, freeing Amethysto in the process. in the end, Amethysto is welcomed into the team.

In Mission 5, Overdrive helps new recruit Amethysto, to take down the new villain Cosminus, they beat all of his obstacles and broke the scientists out of their trance, and capture Cosminus, defeating him.


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  • Overdrive, along with Tessla, Captain Roblox, and Kinetic make cameo appearances in Hallow's Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls and Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales
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