Tessla is one of the five heroes of the roblox games Heroes of Robloxia. 


Tessla's Powers are electricity, she can use her electricity powers to charge up Generators and sends electricity beams to stun others. 

Role in the game

Tessla first appeared in Mission 2, Where she, Overdrive and their leader Captain Roblox have to take down Atomic Waste, who was released from his cell by Darkmatter

In mission 3, She and the team, and their fourth recruit, Kinetic, work together to defeat another released villain Dynamo, and put him back in his cell.

In Mission 4, she helps the team take down Darkmatter and change him back to Amethysto as he becomes the newest member of the team after his defeat.

In Mission 5, she and the team try to stop the villain Cosminus, but Cosminus manages to escape and plan revenge on the Heroes of Robloxia. 


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  • Tessla's real name is presumably Tessa, or Theresa
  • She makes a cameo appearance in Hallow's Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls inside a cell in the maze, where she's turned into a zombie along with her teammates. Tessla also makes a cameo in Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales where the Rabid Rabbit captures them and Amethysto has to save his teammates and send Rabid Rabbit back to the alternate world where he came from.
  • Tessla's name comes from the Tesla Coil, created by Nikola Tesla himself.
  • Her former outfit resembles Elsa, from the popular Disney Movie, Frozen.
  • She was supposedly the only female member of the team, that is until Tigris and Glimmer were revealed.
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