Team chat is a feature of the in-game text chat that limits the sender to only output the message to the sender's team, and ignore any other players. It is activated by typing "%" (⇧ Shift+5), and does not work when a space is inserted before the percent sign, therefore this function is only usable when the % (percent sign) is the very first character in the message. This function only exists in free chat, meaning safe chat players cannot see or use this function at all. The demonstration provided here shows how and where it is useful to use this.

Typed message:

% Advance up, we can get a better view there.

Output: Black background does not apply to the final result.

Player: (TEAM) Advance up, we can get a better view there.

Also note that the percent character must be inserted first, not a space; however, a space should be put after the character, or else all players can see the message, example shown here.

Typed message:


Output: Black background does not apply to the final result.

Player: %GUYS, FOCUS!

Note the missing (TEAM) identifier, meaning this message could be seen.

The function is more oriented to those playing in war games and other team-based genres; in a roleplaying game where teams are careers and identities, this function would serve the least useful, the only worthy exception being the police needing to communicate back and forth.

Without the use of team chat, the opposition may attempt trial-and-error to foil any of the team's plans.

A common mistake to note is that many believe (TEAM) is actually the function, not %. By typing out (TEAM) instead of writing %, the user believes this will be the team chat feature. This is not the case, as when (TEAM) is typed, it is not the function the system is querying, in the same case as entering a space before the percent. The system will fail to recognize it as the function and display the message to all players. It can also be achieved by typing in chat /team which automatically shows (TEAM),

You can get out of team chat by pressing % (⇧ Shift+5) while in team chat, and then pressing ← Backspace

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