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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtle Trouble (a.k.a. TMNT) was a sponsored event that started on October 1, 2012, and ended sometime in November. It was made to sponsor the Nickelodeon show with the same name and was created by the user "TMNT".


The event had 4 unlockable characters to play as (Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael). There was also a 5th unlockable character which you had to be the highest MVP in the server and beat all the missions, once when you did this you would unlock Master Splinter.

When joining the game there would be a start screen and after when you press the play button, you could choose a character to play as. Once when a player chooses a character, you would spawn in the lair which was in the sewers. The game had various places where enemies called the "Foot Clan" would spawn. You would be assigned to defeat them at these certain locations that were shown on the radar on the bottom right side. After you've defeated all the Foot Clan soldiers in the sewers, then you would to go to the city and defeat more there. Once when you defeat all the enemies in the city, then your last mission would be to defeat Shredder which was a boss battle. Then if you won or failed the game, it would simply restart again.


Name Image Creator/Group
TMNT: Turtle Trouble TMNT Turtle Trouble Thumbnail.jpg TMNT


Name Image Objective
Leonardo Mask Leonardo Mask.png Complete the game while playing as Leonardo.
Donatello Mask Donatello Mask.png Complete the game while playing as Donatello.
Michelangelo Mask Michelangelo Mask.png Complete the game while playing as Michelangelo.
Raphael Mask Raphael Mask.png Complete the game while playing as Raphael.
Splinter's Staff Splinter's Staff.png First be the MVP at the end of the game, then complete the game again while playing as Splinter.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price in Tickets
Foot Clan Soldier Foot Clan Soldier.png 1 Ticket
TMNT Helmet TMNT Helmet.png 1 Ticket
TMNT Skateboard TMNT Skateboard.png 1 Ticket


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  • You can still play the game today but the GUI in the game is now broken due to Roblox updates.
    • This leaves a big chunk of the game impossible to play, as you need to choose on your character via the said GUI.
  • This was the first Nickelodeon sponsor.



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