Telamon standing next to a teleporter, taken from the blog.

Teleporters are one of Roblox's updates, released July 22nd, 2011. They were made so Roblox players can be sent from one place to another without even closing the place window. It is upgraded in the Game universes update which also added Data stores It can be found in Roblox's models here, free to use. The blog post can be found on the official Roblox news blog here . Without editing, you end up at Roblox's Build place.

How to Enable a Teleporter

To set a teleporter up, simply enter a solo place, insert the teleporter, and open the Workspace .

  1. Open up the teleporter model and select the "placeID" value in Properties. Copy and paste the end of the link of the place you want to teleport to into the value. (For example, Crossroads's ID is 1818.)
  2. Then copy and paste the spawn's name you want to teleport to into the "DestinationSpawnName" value.
  3. Lastly, copy and paste the name of the spawn you just set up into the "TeleporterName" value found in the teleporter's spawn. (This however is optional, but more convenient if you want to teleport back easily.)
  4. Then enter the teleporter in online mode and you will be asked if you want to be teleported. Select "Yes" and you will be sent to the desired place.


  • Some teleporters are used to continue places such as RPGs or obstacle courses to reduce lag or other inconveniences.
  • If you are not in any form of Builders Club, you cannot teleport into BC Only Places.
  • If you attempt to teleport into a game that is inactive, you cannot teleport there.
  • If you attempt to enter a friends only place and you are not a friend of the creator, you cannot teleport to their place.
  • Future updates of the teleporters may include a method to tell if the player has entered through a teleporter (to make it inaccessible without teleporters).
  • A new type of deceptive advertising involves the usage of teleporters to transport the user to another place that is usually unrelated, and is usually an empty baseplate.
  • There was a bug where players go in that teleporter,they would spawn as a Guest.
  • There was a glitch in 2012 where you could teleport into a place with studio and exploit the place. It has been patched.
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