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This template is used in articles to create an infobox about a group. It contains information about the group and will automatically categorize the page as a group page. Being an infobox, it should be put at the top right corner of the page (the template should be put before any other content).

Infoboxes should be used to display, in a concise way, relevant and useful information that is common to many pages (in this case, groups). Even if the information is already in the infobox, it should also be in the page's main content.


The template can be used by copying the code below, pasting it into the article and filling the parameters. The only required parameter is the group ID, the others can be ignored. However, placing an image is very recommended and as much data as is available regarding the parameters should be put in the infobox. The parameters are described in the parameters section.

Only the most common parameters are in the code below. Other parameters are available and can be found in the parameters section mentioned in the previous paragraph.

{{Infobox group
| image       = Name.png (when you upload the image, please choose a descriptive file name)
| id          = (the id of the group; is the number at the end of the URL of the group page on the ROBLOX website)
| owner       =
| activity    = (replace this by 'active', 'inactive' or 'abandoned')
| members     =
| allies      =
| enemies     =


The list below explains all parameters and contains important notes.

This parameter controls the title shown at the top of the infobox. Do not fill this parameter if the name of the page is already the name of the group, which should be the case most of the time.
The logo of the group. The filename should be given directly, instead of a file link. However, file links will be recognized as well.
The group's ID. Can be found at the end of the URL of the group's page. This parameter is required.
The username of the owner of the group. If the owner has a page on the wiki, a link will be created to it automatically. Otherwise, a link to the owner's profile on ROBLOX will be created, again, automatically. If there is no group owner (in other words, if the group is abandoned), use 'none'.
The level of activity of the group. Must be active, inactive or abandoned, but is not case sensitive.
This should be the number of members in the group. The number is rounded and formatted automatically.
An enumeration (or a list) of the allies of the group. If the allies have pages on the wiki, links to these pages should be created.
An enumeration (or a list) of the enemies of the group. If the enemies have pages on the wiki, links to these pages should be created.
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