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This template is used in articles to create an infobox about a model. It contains information about the model and will automatically categorize the article. Being an infobox, it should be put at the top right corner of the page (the template should be put before any other content).

Infoboxes should be used to display, in a concise way, relevant and useful information that is common to many pages (in this case, models). Even if the information is already in the infobox, it should also be in the page's main content.


The template can be used by filling the parameters, described in the parameters section. The only required parameter is the ID.


The list below explains all parameters and contains important notes.

This parameter controls the title shown at the top of the infobox. Do not fill this parameter if the name of the page is already the name of the item (which should be the case).
The thumbnail of the item. The simple file name should be used.
The item's ID. Can be found at the end of the URL of the item's page. This parameter is required. If the item has no item page, and therefore has no id, an id of 0 can be given, which will make no link appear on the infobox. This should only be used in the case of items like the Epic Katana, which can only be obtained by owning certain gear, and which isn't actually a catalog item but merely a special gear.
This should be a list of the genres of the model, separated by commas (example: Building, Fighting, FPS, Horror). If there is only one genre, no comma is needed. Genre names are not case sensitive, can be separated by commas with or without a space after the comma, and can also be separated by slashes. See {{genre}} for more information on the accepted genre names.
The creator of the item can be specified with this parameter.
This can be a description of the model or the description on its catalog page.
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