This template is used to leave a notice on a user's wall. This template should only be used by wiki staff, otherwise it is considered minimodding and YOU WILL BE WARNED.


The type of warning. Currently supports: minimodding, spam comments, uncensored, account info, updated, non-descriptive filenames, game-specific promocodes, upload images, page blanking, redirect comment, inappropriate language, pronouns, necrobump, duplicate files, redundant comments, ext links (same thing as links), player link, spam pages, events, off-topic comments, comment spam, edit war, self-ad, noactive, codes, notstaff, NCU, NCU prevented by filter, descriptions, ext links (same thing as links), excessive contributions, badtemplates, existingtemplates, duplicate, English, admin cookies, health, health (username) (a slightly different version of health but for someone with a concerning username).
The username this warning is directed to. Defaults to the page name (most likely you won't need to set this but the functionality is available).


{{Message wall notice|minimodding|username=Anzu-TLK}}

Hello, Anzu-TLK. Thank you for your contributions to the Roblox Wikia.

A handful of your recent edits and changes to the wiki have been in concern of staff recently as they are often categorizing as mini-modding or otherwise making decisions (or acting in such) that should be for or handled by wiki staff.

Please do not make edits or changes acting as an authority on this wiki, or talk down to other editors at random. Be courteous with all summaries and ensure to read our rules and style guide to ensure you are editing within our guidelines. This may result in a short block if continued.

This message was generated automatically and sent by a real person. I will receive a notification when you reply, and I will reply as soon as possible.

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