Crossroads is a BrickBattle game created by Temple of Brickbattle which serves as a remastered version of the original map, Classic: Crossroads. It is a classic free-for-all BrickBattle map where players fight each other with weapons such as the Bomb, Superball, Rocket, Trowel, Sword, Slingshot, and Paintball Gun.

The map has become very popular with nearly 3 million visits. It is Temple of Brickbattle's second most popular game, after Doomspire Brickbattle.

For more information on the Crossroads map, see Classic: Crossroads.


The remastered version of Crossroads adds several new features, which are detailed below.

Tool order

The player can customize the order of the tools in the hotbar to their liking. This can be done by clicking the button labeled "1 2 3" at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, or by typing the command /toolorder in the chat box.

Spectate mode

If the player has a forcefield, they can enter spectator mode by clicking the camera button, which will appear right next to the tool order customization button. The player may also use the command /spectate. If the player's forcefield disappears, however, the option to spectate will go away.

Character animations

The player can enable classic, old-style animations for their character by clicking the button displaying an avatar at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The effects will not take place until the next time the player spawns. These old animations are based on the ones that existed until October 2013, when the animation system received an overhaul. The player can revert the animations back to normal by clicking on the button again. Alternatively, players can use the commands /oa to switch to old animations and /na to switch back to the new ones.

Classic avatars

The player can change their appearance to resemble old-style avatars by using the command /classic [username], where username is the name of the user the player wishes to appear as. This will make the player's avatar resemble one from around 2007–2008, with the old head mesh, the original smile texture, bevel-less limbs, and with shirts/pants removed.

Gameplay improvements

Gameplay and weapons have had various improvements. For example, the Rocket, Superball, and Paintball Gun are more responsive when fired. Also, hitting a player with a Superball will cause a hit sound to play. A visual indicator will appear on a player's avatar when hit by a Superball or Slingshot projectile.


  • /spectate - Spectate a player
  • /toolorder - Change the order of your tools
  • /oa - Switch to old animations
  • /na - Switch to new animations
  • /classic [username] - Change your character to a classic-style version of the user specified
  • /default - Change your character back to normal
  • /ranktags - Toggle Temple of Brickbattle ranks to appear above players' heads
  • /teambeacons - Toggle team beacons on/off (for VIP server owners)


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  • The trampoline behaves differently than in the original Crossroads; players can only bounce on it once every few seconds (this was possibly done to prevent players from staying on it to avoid being targeted).
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