Crossroads is a BrickBattle game created by Temple of Brickbattle which serves as a remastered version of the original map, Classic: Crossroads. It is a classic free-for-all BrickBattle map where players fight each other with weapons such as the Sword, Slingshot, Rocket, Bomb, Superball, and Paintball Gun.

The map has become very popular with nearly 3 million visits. It is Temple of Brickbattle's second most popular game, after Doomspire Brickbattle.

For more information on the Crossroads map, see Classic: Crossroads.


The remastered version of Crossroads adds several new features.

  • Players can customize the order of the tools in their hotbar.
  • Players can spectate other players in the server.
  • The game supports VIP servers, unlike the original.
  • Players can enable classic animations for their avatar.
  • Players can change the look of their character to resemble old-style avatars.


  • /spectate - Spectate a player
  • /toolorder - Change the order of your tools
  • /oa - Switch to old animations
  • /na - Switch to new animations
  • /classic [username] - Change your character to a classic-style version of the user specified
  • /default - Change your character back to normal
  • /teambeacons - Toggle team beacons on/off (for VIP server owners)


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  • Unlike in the original Crossroads, structures cannot be destroyed (except for the tower).
    • Also, the trampoline has been nerfed (players can only bounce on it once every few seconds).
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