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The Terrain Plugin is the built-in plugin used for editing Terrain in Roblox Studio. This plugin can be found in the "Home" tab of the menu in Studio. The plugin consists of eight different tools that serve different purposes. These tools are described below.


Following the release of ExplorerImageIndex 47PluginGui objects, the Terrain Plugin was remade to adapt to this release. This design is still being used today. Additionally, the undo option was not added to the Terrain plugin until a later update after it's initial release.

Plugin Tools

These are the eight tools provided by the plugin, located in the plugin's menu when opened.

01. Terrain Generator

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  • Mt generate The Terrain Generator is the main feature of the Terrain plugin. It allows players to generate random Terrain.

02. Add Tool

  • Mt add This tool is used to create new terrain using a brush. You can choose the type of terrain to use.

03. Subtract Tool

  • Mt subtract This tool is used to remove existing terrain using a brush.

04. Paint Tool

  • Mt paint This tool is used to re-paint existing terrain with a different material using a brush.

05. Grow Tool

  • Mt grow This tool is used to grow terrain upwards using a brush. Useful for mountains or hills.

06. Erode Tool

  • Mt erode This tool is used to create craters or cavities in the terrain. Useful for bodies of water.

07. Smooth Tool

  • Mt smooth This tool smooths out existing terrain using a brush.

08. Regions Tool

  • Mt regions This tool allows you to select a square region of terrain and manipulate it (move it, rotate it, delete it, fill it, etc.).

Tool Screenshots

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