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The Croods was originally going to be a planned sponsored event based on the 2013 animated DreamWorks movie with the same name. Not much information is known about this event other than some images of what the GUI's and items would have looked like and a few old website snapshots. Not much is known about how the game would have operated, other than that it had 4 "disasters" in a disaster survival styled-game. There would also have been an MVP system. This portion of the event was scrapped, and instead, it was only sponsored as an event page with an embedded YouTube video of the movie trailer.[1]

Catalog Items

NOTICE: The Macawnivore would've been a follower gear. A follower gear is a gear with a character that would walk and follow wherever the player went when equipped. Some examples of follower gears are Big Hero 6 Baymax.

Name Image Price
The Croods Cap (Hat)
The Croods Cap.png
1 Ticket
The Croods Cap 2 (Hat)
The Croods Cap 2.png
1 Ticket
The Croods Cap 3 (Hat)
The Croods Cap 3.png
1 Ticket
The Macawnivore (Gear)
1 Ticket






Grug (Package) Survive The Disasters
Not Available
Eep (Package) Survive The Disasters Not Available Not Available
Guy (Package) Survive The Disasters Not Available Not Available


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YouTube thumbnail showing where the Croods event was during that time.

  • Despite the event being canceled, there were sponsored white billboards with a picture promoting The Croods, scattered around the maps of Roblox Battle.
    • It is currently unknown why this occurred, though the most common theory is that Roblox only did this to promote the event in the game.
  • If this event was released, this would originally have been the first event to have Packages as prizes, instead of the Boxtrolls event from 2014.




The Croods in event tab

embed video not available

Croods event page from wayback machine