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The Fashion Awards 2021 was an event that started on November 29, 2021, and ended on December 8, 2021. It was sponsored by the annual ceremony The Fashion Awards, which is hosted by the non-profit organization known as the British Fashion Council, and the Italian luxury fashion house Gucci.


Name Image Creator/Group
The Fashion Awards 2021
British Fashion Council

Avatar shop items

Name Image Robux
BFC Eglomise Wings
BFC Eglomise Wings.png
200 Robux
BFC Crystal Tiara
BFC Crystal Tiara.png
110 Robux
BFC Awards Alice Band
BFC Awards Alice Band.png
50 Robux
BFC Crystal Top Hat
BFC Crystal Top Hat.png
75 Robux
BFC Gold Brushed Mask
BFC Gold Brushed Mask.png
95 Robux
BFC Galaxy Top Hat
BFC Galaxy Top Hat.png
75 Robux
BFC Constellation Mask
BFC Constellation Mask.png
95 Robux
BFC Galaxy Wings
BFC Galaxy Wings.png
200 Robux

Gucci items

Name Image Robux
Gucci Butterfly & Bee Crown
Gucci Butterfly & Bee Crown.png
350 Robux
Gucci GG Wings
Gucci GG Wings.png
350 Robux
Gucci 100 Baseball Hat
Gucci 100 Baseball Hat.png
150 Robux


Name Image Objective
BFC Gold Opera Glasses
BFC Gold Opera Glasses.png
Complete the 5 quests within the event game.

Exclusive items

This item was exclusively given to cSapphire for winning a Fashion Award.[1]

Name Image Given to
The Fashion Awards 2021 Trophy
The Fashion Awards 2021 Trophy.png

Metaverse Design Nominees

The event consisted of five Metaverse Design Nominees.

Name Image Robux
Oversized Teddy Cardigan w Bow Shirt thmb 7 Robux
Ombre Heart Sweater
Ombre Heart Sweater.png
7 Robux
Gold Heart Top w Pink Skirt & Heels
Gold Heart Top w Pink Skirt & Heels.png
10 Robux
Snowflake Top w Blue Icey Skirt & Heels
Snowflake Top w Blue Icey Skirt & Heels.png
10 Robux
White outfit w butterfly sandals
White outfit w butterfly sandals.png
7 Robux
Name Image Robux
Giant Heart Teddy Bear
Giant Heart Bear.png
100 Robux
Mushroom Wizard
Mushroom Wizard.png
80 Robux
Devil Straw Samurai Hat
Devil Straw Samurai Hat.png
90 Robux
Banana Suit
Banana Suit.png
100 Robux
Sleep Paralysis Demon
Sleep Paralysis Demon.png
150 Robux
Name Image Robux
Cherry Blossom Fairy Wings
Cherry Blossom Fairy Wings.png
100 Robux
Elf Ears
Elf Ears w White Piercings.png
79 Robux
Red Magma Armor
Red Magma Armor.png
500 Robux
Kitty Hood
Kitty christmas hood.png
55 Robux
Pink Parasol
Pink Victorian Era Parasol.png
120 Robux
Name Image Robux
Handkerchief Headscarf
Handkerchief Headscarf.png
50 Robux
Box Braids
Box Braids Sideburn.png
75 Robux
Rhinestone Shades
Rhinestone Shades.png
40 Robux
Iced Out Chain
Iced Out Chain.png
100 Robux
Popstar Hair
Popstar Hair.png
79 Robux
Name Image Robux
tuna (blue) tee
Tuna (blue) tee.png
5 Robux
summer strawberry 夏いちご
Summer strawberry 夏いちご (shirt).png
5 Robux
🌷 miss. tulip pantsuit sleeves 🌷
🌷 miss. tulip pantsuit sleeves 🌷.png
5 Robux
love tea 愛お茶 (pants)
Love tea 愛お茶 (pants).png
5 Robux
biker queen
Biker queen ❤️.png
5 Robux


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