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The First Encounter Assault Recon (commonly initialized FEAR or F.E.A.R.) used to be the third largest group on ROBLOX (2010-2014), largest clan on ROBLOX (2010-2016), and currently the oldest military themed Clan on roblox , thanks to massive recruitment phases in the group. It has a rich history involving appreciation, respect, and accusations. The First Encounter Assault Recon was created by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX , having been inspired by F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon, a video game published in 2005. The group has over two hundred thousand members, and many administrators, including Telamon/Shedletsky, having joined the group in the past. FEAR was the largest clan on ROBLOX from 2010 to 2016. It was awarded the Most Active Group Award at the 2013 ROBLOX BLOXcon. FEAR was the second group to win this award, after Vortex Security won it at the ROBLOX Game Conference 2012


F.E.A.R. has been owned by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX since the group's creation in 2010.

Under his leadership, many F.E.A.R. bases have been created. In the past, they were widely criticized for being of "poor quality" and for being "filled with free models." However, F.E.A.R. now has its own development team, Armacham Technology Corporation, also known as ATC, which designs every new place associated with the group. Some of the larger military groups, such as UCR, Frost Clan and Nightfall Clan have allied with F.E.A.R. to prevent a large-scale war, however inter-clan relations have been transformed to allow the inclusion side-by-side trainings and assistance at allied forts. Other war groups, especially small groups and powerclans, have attempted to "destroy" the group, but have lacked the power and the prominence to do so. However, several of FEAR's allies have gone to war with the group. The Roblox Assault Team, United Clan of ROBLOX and Frost Clan all fought the group in 2010, which eventually led to a standstill with no official war victor. FEAR ended its 3-month war with The Grand Imperium on December 29, 2012. It resulted in a forfeit from FEAR. Several subsequent wars have taken place, including a war with The Robloxian Army TRA in 2013 and a war with Lortex Security in 2015.

In June 2020, SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX and his team released a new open world apocalypse game, calling Dawn of Aurora. For the first time in almost 3 years since their big release game Sunset City. Dawn of Aurora became the third clan place that had more than 1,000 active players, and even landed on the front page since Vortex Security's famous Headquarter (2012) and RAT's Spectrum (2014), both were on the front page.



2iC/Director of Diplomacy: 0amazingman0

Director of Justice: TigerAlmeida

Director of Warfare: Pr_me

Director of Advancement: N/A

Director of Community Relations: N/A

Director of Technology: SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX  ===

Historic High Ranks

The First Encounter Assault Recon has had many high ranks come and go. These high ranks have devoted their loyalty and time to FEAR, as with a clan of its size, it is difficult to be noticed. Some of these people are: The13thHippie, DoctorCooper, JasonIIII , iroctheworld, Aceslayer13, Shagabash, SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX , LordNobody, Zach2222, Beloxy, Blandue/Blazeman54, devinzeth, BixbyAlan /laxman15, 0amazingman0, KingCapitalism /dragonblood789, and Facuchido. The group has sparked the careers of many players who later became well known in the clan world. Many current high ranks are making history by changing FEAR for the better.

Rank classification

The F.E.A.R. ranks are classified into four categories:

Low Rank

Anyone who is ranked from Recruit to Lieutenant. Low Ranks are responsible for attending and participating in Trainings, Raids, and Community Meetings.

Medium Rank

Anyone who is ranked from Captain to Major. Medium Ranks are responsible for attending the same events as Low Ranks, but should additionally be assisting High and Leadership ranks in leading the events, and taking more of a leadership initiative to help other members.

Leadership Rank

Anyone who is ranked Officer. Leadership Ranks are responsible for attending and participating in events. Those people who are Officers have the privilege to host events such as trainings and raids with the approval from the Director of Warfare. If they show an incredible performance, they will be eligible to obtain the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

High Rank

Anyone who is at or above the rank of Colonel. High Ranks are responsible for overseeing the clan as a whole, hosting events, and attending F.E.A.R. Meetings. They are the highest-ranking officials in F.E.A.R., and should be professional at all times.

Military ranks

Information on each ranks may not be accurate due to using outdated information. Make sure you join their Discord to learn more about these ranks.
These are the stated ranks within F.E.A.R.; there are 16 ranks total.

[CIT] Citizen

Recruit is the starter rank, the majority of the group members has the rank of Recruit. Citizens are not the soldier officially. They may become Recruit if they're proven to be committed and active in the F.E.A.R.

[REC] Recruit

Recruit is the second rank, Recruits are F.E.A.R.’s basic soldier. They are standard fighters and if proven to be capable will quickly rise through F.E.A.R.’s ranks.

[PVT] Private

These members are still low ranks, but they have proven to the group that they have skill and potential. To become a Private, members must attend to the training, defense, raid, or any other event(s) and prove themselves to be worthy to earn a promotion.

[SPC] Specialist

One rank above Private. These are generally more mature, smarter. Players must train and meet requirements for a promotion during a training session to achieve this rank. They should start patrolling forts now.

[CPL] Corporal

These members have proven that they are willing to be loyal to the group, and they have what it takes to excel within F.E.A.R. Players must train and meet requirements for a promotion during a training session to achieve the rank of Corporal. They are more than halfway through the low ranks and are expected to uphold F.E.A.R.’s core principles of Honor, Courage, Commitment, along with maturity and integrity.

[SGT] Sergeant

These soldiers are the sixth lowest rank in F.E.A.R. They are becoming more experienced at fighting and are advancing as a leader and soldier. They have proved loyalty to the Recon and Venezia. Sergeants are now able to apply for Replica Forces. 

[LET] Lieutenant

While at Lieutenant you don't have very much power in terms of leading raids or trainings, you are on your way to becoming a respected leader.

[CPT] Captain

Captains are the first Medium Rank. At Captain you are expected to become one of the great leaders of F.E.A.R. A captain should be a role model to the low ranks. This rank is achieved through trainings.

[LTM] Lt. Major

[Need more information about this rank]

[MAJ] Major

Majors are the highest middle ranks. This is the maximum rank you can earn by training. Majors can co-host with Officers and higher, but are also able to host their own training under supervision by a high rank if they graduate F.E.A.R. Military Academy. Their main goal is to graduate from F.E.A.R Military Academy and become Officers.

[OFF] Officer

Officer is known as a Leadership Rank. They are the disciplinary and training backbone of the group. Officers are commanded by Colonels+. To become an Officer, you must graduate from F.E.A.R Military Academy or pass the OVA (officer vote application).  

[LTC] Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonls are Officers who have exceeded expectations in leading divisions/departments and remaining active with the main group. Lieutenant Colonels usually help lead part of a division or department.

[COL] Colonel

An extremely prestigious and respected rank, members of this rank are expected to assist the lower ranking members. They are expected to host trainings for lower ranking members periodically. The people at this rank are Lieutenant Colonels who have shown incredible performance and exemplary behavior. They are selected by the HICOM in a vote.

[GEN] General

Generals are high command members who have shown some of the most unquestionable loyalty in F.E.A.R. Rather than hosting trainings like Officers and Colonels, Generals are tasked with overseeing the military as a whole. Also, General's are permitted to promote/demote. Generals are personally chosen by the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Command of F.E.A.R. Appointed by the Commander.

[VCO] Vice Commander

Legendary position which only three members at a time may hold. These members are: the second in command of F.E.A.R. (currently 0amazingman0), the third in command of FEAR (position currently vacant), and SONIC's alternate account, FEARMeeting. Members of this rank are selected personally by the Commander of F.E.A.R.

[COM] Commander of F.E.A.R.

The 1st in Command of F.E.A.R and the Emperor of Venezia. Tasked with leading Venezia. The current Commander is SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX.


These are the main divisions of F.E.A.R., most owned by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX. Some of these divisions are criticized because their names were also copied from a video game. There are many more unofficial divisions in F.E.A.R., but only the most important and well known are listed below. 

F.E.A.R. High Command

The most respected and prestigious of all the F.E.A.R. divisions, this division is for the high-ranking members of F.E.A.R. only. Members of the High Command Division are some of the most loyal and respected members of the group. Acceptance into this division means that members are loyal to the group, and they are very knowledgeable about F.E.A.R. These members are often called on to answer questions that lower ranking members may have concerning the group. To get in, members must be the rank Colonel+ in the main division. In this division, members may discuss top secret information, and meet to discuss and make important decisions. 

Armacham Technology Corporation


Responsible for the technology within F.E.A.R. They are some of the most highly gifted when it comes to building and/or scripting. In addition to the developers, there are prestigious artists that are in the group. Notable members of Armacham have been Unclear, Alkia, SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX and LordStraak/LordRevamp. Although SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX is the President, General SHADOWTHEHEDEGHOGXX does most of the work, as the Director of ATC.

F.E.A.R. Replica Forces

The Replica Forces is a group composed of the greatest soldiers within F.E.A.R. – each Replica comes from the same genetic sequence discovered by Venezian scientists hidden in a lab under the volcanoes of Iratus. This division is currently led by Replica Director Pr_me and
FEAR Repilca Forces
 Advisor DECRYPTlON.

F.E.A.R. Military Academy

These are current majors in F.E.A.R. The majors in the academy undergo phase training, which cover obedience
Military Academy log
and maturity, combatant skills, as well as leadership. After phase training, one must pass an individual interview with the Overseer of the Military Academy. The purpose of the Military Academy is to create the future leaders of F.E.A.R., and the standard way to obtain the rank of Officer is through this system. Colonels Conmmander and MikeyCicero oversee this division.

F.E.A.R. Military Police

Fear mp new logo mk 1

The job of the Military Police is to enforce the laws set by the F.E.A.R. Justice Department. They are also expected to arrest people at F.E.A.R. bases that do not abide by the rules set in place. They are another extremely elite division. The members of this group are extremely respected. To get in, players must be a Corporal or higher within the main division. Their primary focus is to maintain order at FEAR's border game, Dawn of Aurora. Currently the Military Police is lead by the Chief of Police, Colonel Speedysteve9 and Director of Justice, General TigerValdos.

Previous Divisions

F.E.A.R. Supreme Court

FEAR Supreme Court

Comprised of agents from the main divisions, Military police, Armacham and Replica Forces, the Supreme Court deals with all legal issues that occur in F.E.A.R. Headed by Iroctheworld and his staff of justice members, the courts continue to advance and improve the legal system of F.E.A.R. on a day-to-day basis. This division has multiple agencies led by well known members such as Luitenant245, Duckdude1125, Sword960, and ZubairRahman, though it is mostly spearheaded by Luccifer. This division had a lot critics due to possibly biased trials. This division is shut down by the High Command of the First Encounter Assault Recon.

F.E.A.R. Special OPs

FEAR Spec Ops

Constantly undergoing reform, the F.E.A.R. Special Ops was shut down for a large period of time during the summer of 2013. After the eventual shutdown of Advanced operations and other outlying divisions, the massive 37000 member group was re-made and is currently undergoing its final stages of reform. Tasked to handle basic operations, members who advance into Special Ops will be given tasks similar to Replica Forces. Used to be led (and shutdown) by Colonel johnsnic333. Mainly criticised for having no purpose and being inactive. This division has been shutdown by the High Command of the First Encounter Assault Recon on 12/21/14

F.E.A.R. Covert OPs

Headed by Colonel Draynar, the Covert Ops used to be "A highly secretive organization" but over time, more information have been released regarding the division, and now they are well-known by the public and all may apply. Formerly specializing in sword fighting, they now focus on gun fighting. They use a variety of weaponry, including RCL, Swords, Reapers, W-ARCS and Arsenal-5's. The Covert Ops is divided into three sections: the Intelligence Network, the Combatant Sector, and the Covert Operations.

F.E.A.R. Honors Division

FEAR Honors Division

Only the most skilled F.E.A.R. members are eligible to join this exclusive division. Those members of F.E.A.R. who've shown endless loyalty and years of experience, as well as impressive skills can be accepted into the Honors Division. F.E.A.R. members are allowed into the Honors Division through invitation only. Currently the Honors Division is shutdown, now a memory, but not forgotten.

F.E.A.R. Weapons

These weapons are all found at F.E.A.R.'s current main base, Outpost Zorah.


A basic full-auto assault rifle utilized primarily by assault-class troopers at Outpost Zorah. The AZR-Reaper is a flexible weapon, capable of dishing out moderate damage. The weapon isn't too heavy allowing for decent sprint speeds.


A lightweight, fast firing assault rifle utilized primarily by scout-class troopers at Outpost Zorah. The X-17 deals low damage, but fires at a rate almost double that of an AZR-Reaper. The weapon is light weight, allowing for fast sprint speeds. Notable users of this weapon include Winterzz1.


The HRG-5L is a heavy submachine gun utilized primarily by heavy-class troopers at Outpost Zorah. It has a very fast fire rate and extended ammo capacity, however deals low damage. Despite its bulky appearance, the HRG-5L is actually similar to the weight of an AZR-Reaper, allowing for moderate sprint speeds.


The S286 is a smaller SMG utilized primarily by medic-class troopers at Outpost Zorah. It is the smallest of the primaries, giving users an unmatched high sprint speed. It's fire rate is similar to that of an AZR-Reaper, however it has a slightly larger ammo capacity. Notable users of this weapon include Trex56 and Justinniano.


The ST-6 is a high powered shotgun utilized primarily by ravager-class troopers at Outpost Zorah. It has a relatively low ammo capacity and fire rate, but the damage inflicted by this weapon can be very lethal depending on how close the target is to the weapon. At close range, it can decimate enemies with one or two hits. Notable users of this weapon include circonflexess and Pr_me.


The DMR-15 is a deadly sniper utilized primarily by recon-class troopers at Outpost Zorah. It has the ammo capacity of a ST-6 and has a low fire rate, however the range on it is nearly infinite and can inflict major damage to a target regardless of range. Notable users of this weapon include TigerValdos.

F.E.A.R. bases

This list of F.E.A.R. bases is outdated since 2015. Need to be updated with every bases F.E.A.R. used from 2015 to 2020.
All of these bases are located on Sonic's profile, and have once served as the headquarters for the group.

Recruitment Center

thumb|300px|The F.E.A.R. Recruitment CenterThe F.E.A.R. Recruitment Center was the first official base for the group, being constructed in early 2010, around the creation of the group. The Recruitment Center attributed for a lot of F.E.A.R.'s early members, and was one of the main reasons they achieved the title of the largest group on Roblox when it did. Despite it's popularity, the base has been heavily criticized since its creation. A majority of the base's vehicles were free modeled; this caused many users to accuse Sonic of being an unskilled builder. Also, the fact that the base was built in favor of F.E.A.R. members was another common complaint. This was shown with code doors that gave only a select number of players access to weapons. Throughout its history, the base has been re-mastered multiple times. The current version is the third major rendering of the base, having been built in late 2010 - early 2011. However, a common feature in all renderings of the base was a walled compound with a modern building located inside. The building contained a weapons room, meeting room, rally room, labs, and offices. The Recruitment Center is no longer in use within F.E.A.R., as Sonic now rents the base out to other groups for recruitment purposes. A fourth version of the recruitment center is being created by user SleepDeprivation and will be released in the summer of 2013. 

Underground and Underwater Bases

The F.E.A.R. Underground and Underwater Bases were two different forts that were released in Summer 2010. Both games hit the front page on multiple occasions, and aided in F.E.A.R. becoming Roblox's largest group by the first half of 2010. The Underground Base was released first; it currently has over 800,000 visits. There are two versions of the base. The first was located in a desert. It contained an elevator leading to the underground terminal. The underground sector contained a lobby, which was connected to an office, laboratory, subway, and secret room. A hallway off of the lobby led to three different wings of the base. The rightmost wing contained an armory. The center wing contained another underground train station hub, a jail, and control rooms. The leftmost wing contained several dirt tunnels, as well as stairs leading to the second floor. Upstairs, there is a passageway that leads to the control rooms in the train station, as well as a cafeteria, barracks, a meeting room, a computer room, and an air conditioning unit. The Underwater Base has been retired, and the Underground Base has been turned into the Chaser Legion Recruitment Center. 

Fort Alianor

Main article: Community:SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX/Fort Alianor

thumb|300px|Fort Alianor 1.0.


Fort Alianor 2.0

thumb|300px|Fort Alianor 3.0 Fort Alianor II is the current headquarters for F.E.A.R. and all of its divisions. There are three versions of this fort, with version 2.0 being the current version in use, and 3.0 expected to be released soon. Alianor was originally F.E.A.R.'s first and only raid-able fort, until the release of Fort Cryo. The first two versions were built during 2011, but released during different times that year. Alianor 1.0 was released during early 2011, whereas 2.0 was released on December 23, 2011. Fort Alianor III is expected to be released sometime in 2015. This is not only one of the most technologically advanced forts in F.E.A.R., it is also the most well liked. This fort was also the first fort built by the F.E.A.R. division Armacham Technology Corporation. The first version of Alianor was located in a hilly environment, with the main building being flat. The second version is located in a mountainous terrain, with the main building being a modern tower, and containing armories for each of the official F.E.A.R. divisions. The third is located on an island with three large waterfalls, a small waterfall, and a large lagoon. It also has division tents, as well as a hanger and helicopter pad. Although this base is the most liked F.E.A.R. fort to date, many members criticize this fort for being unfair, full of lag, and being exploited often. The design of the fort is inspired by that of R.A.T.'s primary fort, Fort Celeste. Alianor 3.0 will most likely be released after Venezia as a part of the Revival Project.

The third version of the fort is a revamped version of the fort on a larger scale. According to the storyline that was in the video description of the trailer, Alianor II was destroyed after an ambush by R.A.T., followed by a tsunami. Alianor III follows a similar design to that of Alianor II, with both being located in a tropical valley climate. However, there are several notable differences between Alianor 2.0 and Alianor 3.0. In Alianor 3.0, the base is located on a series of cliffs that surround a lagoon (where Alianor 2.0 is submerged). Two fields, which hold the base itself, are separated by a waterfall. Despite the differences between the two bases, there are several similarities between Alianor II and Alianor III. The third version of the fort contains weapon tents, as well as a building that is similar in style in that of its predecessor. Alianor III will include up to 60 different guns scripted by the Armacham Technology Corporation. Fort Alianor III is currently in the Pre-beta phase.

Recently, the FEAR attempted to make history, by putting their fort on the front page of games, something a clan had never done before. Close to 14 servers were filled. But unfortunately, near the end, exploiters stormed the servers, quickly bringing the number for 14 to 8, then,5, and picking off the remaining four one by one until the last one fell. They were an estimated 16 players away from their lofty goal.

Fort Cryo

Main article: Community:SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX/Fort Cryo

Fthumb|300px|F.E.A.R.'s Fort Cryo.ort Cryo is F.E.A.R.'s newest fort, being released August 17, 2012. Fort Cryo is named after the multiple cryogenic tubes located throughout the base. Located within the frozen tundra of Alsuis, this base is more fair than Alianor to raiders in several ways. Raiders and F.E.A.R. spawn with the same weapons, and have access to the same weapons. Unlike Fort Alianor, the high divisions of F.E.A.R. do not spawn with better weapons. The base is a fairly easy raid, with raiders having to complete a simple obby hidden in the mountains in order to get into the base. Raiders spawn in a cave at the back of the map. A wall divides the raider base from the combat point. In between the F.E.A.R fort and raider base, there is a combat area. This area contains the entrance to the frozen obby, as well as some shields to hide and shoot behind. Two bunkers are located in this area, as well as the spawns for F.E.A.R. and their allies. Behind the walls is the actual F.E.A.R. base itself. The base is carved into the mountain, and divided into three floors. The first floor contains a picture room, with an open atrium lobby and an armory. The second floor contains the capture point and some cryogenic tubes. The third floor contains some offices, a cafeteria, a clinic, and a meeting room. There are two buildings located outside the main base, one of which contains some cryogenic tubes, and the other contains a radar room. There are also several cryo tubes throughout the base. Fort Cryo also contains some new technology, such as a snow GUI, and a unique capture point that freezes FEAR once Raiders win a raid. It is currently considered the new headquarters of F.E.A.R. Fort Cryo currently has over 600,000 place visits, and over 19,000 favorites.

Underwater Base Azura

A now cancelled base once in development by the Armacham Technology Corporation.

Planetary systems and RP elements

The subject of this section is no longer in use by F.E.A.R. All planets, except Venezia, have been renounced by the the High Command of the First Encounter Assault Recon.
(Everything in this section is basically roleplay to F.E.A.R. members and other clans of interest.)

Edited and revised by Captain AssaultDragon55.

Venezia and it's outer lying planets including home planet Venezia, Iratus, Lympha, Sicca, and Alsuis are all a part of the Venezian Solar System. Venezia is the most prominent, rich, and most visited vacation spot in the known galaxy. Most of F.E.A.R.'s economy is based on Venezia and Sicca and a lot of resources are taken from Iratus, Lympha, and Alsuis for Venezia and it's other planets. With the removal of the FEAR 2nd in command, BrianK2355, the main forts and HQ's for all planetary systems were discontinued. Other than Venezia, all other systems are in the works of being disowned, but continued by a handful of FEAR supporters.


Venezia Logo

Venezia planetary logo.

Considered the Homeworld for most FEAR members. The tropical planet is covered in mostly ocean. There are a few islands, the largest is home to the FEAR Venezian Capital City (also known as the City of Silver). The planet is the Central Hub of control over the vast star system. This is where the underwater base is located. It's also a main base of operations for FEAR Navy, Military Police, and the Supreme Court. Citizens are liberal, and feel that whatever is necessary for the government to function should be done as soon as possible.The government is perceived as well as most of its economy and interest of living. It is one of the most visited places for vacation and is one of the most peaceful spots in the known galaxy and has never been actually attacked. With peace comes dark times, as at one time Venezia was becoming dirty and unclean, and soon Venezian manufacturing had to be totally closed off and put onto Sicca. After this Venezia was reformulated to be beautiful again, with the help of Armacham Technology Corporation which was initiated because of this problem. Soon Armacham Technology grew into making most everything that dealed with technological advancements, and became a secretive group of scientists and engineers. Now today Venezia is still prospering with advancements in technology, good community, and a prospering military.


Sicca Logo

Sicca planetary logo.

A heavily industrious planet. The surface is covered with many factories and power plants producing vehicles, guns, and materials. The atmosphere is foggy as a result of pollution. This is where Fort Omicron II is located. Home to many FEAR leaders, current and former. Base of operations for the FEAR Airforce, Armacham Technology Corporation, and Innovative Industries. Citizens are very conservative, and believe that technology is a huge issue in the government. The citizens also believe that technology is the only solution to keep FEAR prosperous.It's one of the most renounced planets in Venezia and was transformed into a factory based planet and where most of the criminals and war prisoners go for jail or manufacture goods for Venezian planets. Most anyone who lives on the planet is known to be a criminal or prisoner of war and will serve there until seen fit to leave the planet. Though in many cases cities were made there and a lot of Venezians had traveled there to live, though most of which can't afford homes in Venezia and travel there to look for opportunities there. Trashy, wasted, and very terrible place to live, it is still a good place where many deals of things are made before making it to Venezia and are consumed or used by them. It is home of Innovative Industries which is another sub-division that is open to amateur engineers and scientists that is not secretive in any way. Due to the departure of BrianK, forts a part of this planet are no longer raid-able.


Lympha Logo

Lympha planetary logo.

Lympha is a mountainous planet with lots of vegetation and wildlife, though some areas of the planet are covered in large and dry deserts. It's a planet of jungles and where most food and resources are found and shipped to Sicca to be manufactured and sent to Venezia. Most of Venezia's food supplies are from Lymphia. This planet is known for having the forts Terra and Alianor located on it (no Alianor is not located in Venezia) and it big on for protecting it's resources and land from being attacked. It is also a base of operations for F.E.A.R. School and F.E.A.R. Military Academy, an institution where Majors learn the leadership skills necessary to run F.E.A.R. A lot of military presence is on this planet, and it is where normal F.E.A.R. members are put for training and development. Lympha is a very wet and similar to Venezia, but Venezia seems to have more water than land and Lymphia has more land than water making it more possible for resources and growing of food. Citizens are mildly liberal, and believe that diplomacy is important to keep FEAR in peace. The citizens also believe that allies are necessary to strengthen FEAR's influence in other clans.


Lratus Logo

Iratus planetary logo.

A highly volcanic and very warm planet that has rivers flowing with lava. This is where Fort Ember is located. Bases are enclosed in giant domes with heat resistant shielding. Home of the Replica Forces, an elite division composed of the best fighters of F.E.A.R. Primary Hub of operations for divisions and special operations. Citizens are mildly conservative, and believe that things should be handled with brute force no matter what situation is upon them. The citizens also take lots of pride in their mastery of different fighting skills. As there are some people on Iratus, most are there to live out their lives away from Venezia and into becoming a Replica or just like the hot weather which is almost unlivable in. Due to the departure of BrianK, forts a part of this planet are no longer raid-able.


Alsuis Logo

Alsius planetary logo.

Alsuis is known for its freezing, near uninhabitable temperatures and extreme terrain. It's a brutally cold planet that is usually blanketed by large snow storms. Located in FEAR's outer rim system, this planet remains the first line of defense for FEAR and its allies. With only one mountain fortress on the surface, anti, planetary defense systems keep large invasion forces away but will suffer to smaller attack groups. Alsuis is the home of all Salvus Guardsmen (see F.E.A.R Salvus Guard division) and many other infamous members of F.E.A.R. including JasonIIII and Sword960, it also is the home of Fort Cryo. Little is known about the geography of the planet due to its harsh conditions, thus FEAR members stationed here are required to remain indoors for the majority of their stay. It's also a base of operations for FEAR Intelligence Department and Covert Ops. Citizens are strongly conservative, and believe that FEAR does too many reforms to alter itself. Citizens are used to living in difficult conditions, and base government heavily on the FEAR Guide.

(Me wellsilver updating this thread knows none of the history on FEAR So I couldn't update that, But here is the link to the group: Here ) Some notes: FEAR is still active. And Dawn Of The Aurora has a video made by Flamingo(YT) on it, and a new huge top of the line map.

Extra Information

Click here to check the basic information of F.E.A.R. on the wiki of Dawn of Aurora.

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