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In order to be promoted, members have to earn points, called "Honor". Honor can be earned through official events hosted within the group; the more active a member is, the more Honor they will receive. There are requirements and caps for how much Honor is earnable at each type of event. This ranking feature is renowned from Clan Labs owned by TechSpectrum.


  •   | 1 | Citizen - Citizen, not yet an official member of TNI
  •   | 2 | Enlist - 1 Honor required
  •   | 3 | Cadet - 10 Honor required
  •   | T | Trooper - 20 Honor required
  •   | T | Private - 35 Honor required
  •   | T | Specialist - 60 Honor required
  •   | T | Corporal - 100 Honor required
  •   | T | Sergeant - 150 Honor required
  •   | T | Staff Sergeant - 205 Honor required
  •   | O | Ensign - 350 Honor required
  •   | O | Sub-Lieutenant - Read officer progression section.
  •   | O | Lieutenant - Read officer progression section.
  •   | O | Captain - Read officer progression section.
  •   | O | Colonel - Read officer progression section.


Members are able to join several divisions within TNI. They are able to gain perks at the Border for joining divisions and are able to gain an honourable title. As a division member, they are expected to be active within it and to serve the division's purpose.

  • Vanguards
The Nighthawk Imperium’s melee-focused division. Vanguards are tasked with protecting their home fort, the Scorched Fortress, and focusing on sword-related events, raids, and scrimmages. Vanguards can be found at the border armed with a 2-handed cleaver, P90, and a Revolver.
 Directed by: PolishedClean
  • Commandos
The Nighthawk Imperium’s most fierce and talented gunfighters. Commandos are tasked with defending Nighthawk’s home fort, Arcon, against enemy forces as well as searching out to raid and destroy enemy forts and strongholds. Rarely found at the border, Commandos are armed with Jetpack, P90, and X9 Pistol.
  Directed by: HockeyChris11
  • Military Police
The Nighthawk Imperium's policing division, tasked with ensuring that The Grand Crossing is well defended and operating correctly. They are stalwart enforcers of the law for both TNI and citizens alike. Alongside their civil duties, MPs are also dedicated to defending against any threats that may arise. Military Police are armed with the MK-14 Rifle, a taser, a radio, a set of handcuffs, and access to other tools that will help them fulfill their duties.
 Directed by: Currently: Bowserib Formerly: Infaunium
  • Royal Guards
The Nighthawk Imperium’s role-models, hand selected only by the Director and his Royal Officers. The Royal Guard is consisted of The Imperium’s most loyal, dedicated, and disciplined soldiers and are tasked with the sole purpose to ensure the safety of the High-Command. Armed with the ICR-3 Heavy Assault Rifle, Modified X9 Pistol, Royal Spear, and other tools, the Royal Guard will not hesitate to take any protective measures in protecting their High-Command.
 Directed by: clonecommander1000
  • Imperial Peacekeepers
The Nighthawk Imperium's light in the dark, the Imperial Peacekeepers serve as the riot-control specialists of the Imperium. Further information concerning the Peacekeepers is redacted.
 Directed by: Condemning
  • Reaper Battalion
The Nighthawk Imperium’s stalwart border defenders, Reaper Battalion is tasked with ensuring that any threat of insurgency is quarrelled by assisting the Imperium's main responders to danger. The main tools that an NRB is equipped with include the Scar-L, Smoke grenade, and the Explodinade.
 Directed by: JackPotted
  • Combat Engineers
The Nighthawk Imperium's construction and support division. Engineers are focused on supporting their teams with the ability to build and heal. This division is able to construct various buildings by means of a specialized interface, giving TNI advantageous defences and cover where they need it most. Engineers will also be taking up the role of supporting medics, able to keep their allies alive in the midst of an intense battle. Equipped with the modified MAC-11 SMG, MZ-12 shotgun, Electro Gun, Medi-gun, and the Medi-nade, Engineers are able to turn the tides of battle with their focus on utility and support gameplay.
Directed by: J_Mart13

  • Imperial Navy

Expected Release: ‘'Unknown’‘

Officer Progression


The Sub-Lieutenant rank is an optional stepping stone and helps people with the transition from Ensign to a rank with more power (in this case: Sub-Lieutenant), here are the tips given by the Progression Admiral Aussrioth

  1. Should you decide you wish to proceed to an Officer rank a much easier and quicker way, you may apply for the rank of Sub-Lieutenant. This rank is focused on Border Patrols.
  2. Submit a Sub-Lieutenant Aptitude Test, this quiz is very short and tests you on the basis of being an officer. To review for this exam, you should read the following documents: Officer Manifesto, Officer Code of Conduct, Border Patrol Hosting Guide, and other Officer related documents.
  3. After you submit your aptitude test, you will then be voted on by Progression. The Committee will review your apptitude test and presence in the community. If you will then be promoted to Sub-Lieutenant. (Note: You still can be denied by the progression admiral if they do not see you fit even after the test is accepted.)
  4. Lieutenant

To progress from ensign, players need to host three events (a minimum of two on Exodus ). Once that event verification has been accepted, they are to attend an evaluation. These are hosted by the progression department and are expected to pass the evaluation with a score above 80% (every mistake/failure is a 4% deduction.) If the player passes the evaluation, they must submit an application based around the duties and scenarios an officer in the Imperium would face (although lieutenants are not officers, they still hold a lot of officer powers.)


To progress from lieutenant to captain, players need to host a total of five events. Once that event verification is submitted, players attend their official evaluation, and if they score more than 85%, they pass. Once the player passes their evaluation, they must submit their captain application. The application will then be submitted to a vote for HiCOM (Admiral+) to vote on. Once the application is passed, the player will officially become an officer in the Imperium.