The Peanuts Movie was a Roblox developer-made sponsored event featuring items from The Peanuts Movie.


Name Image Creator/Group
Roblox High School
ROBLOX High School Thumbnail.png


Name Game Image Objective
Snoopy Companion Roblox High School
Snoopy Companion .png
Find it somewhere hidden around the map.
Joe Cool Sunglasses Roblox High School
Joe Cool Sunglasses.png
Play the game for 5 hours, or buy the potion from Ashley the Witch to make sure you only have to play for 30 minutes to get the prize.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Pigpen's Dirt
Pigpen's Dirt.png
1 ticket
Lucy's Psychiatry Booth
Lucy’s Psychiatry Booth.png
1 ticket
1 ticket
Flying Ace
Flying Ace.png
1 ticket


Some players criticized of having to play Roblox High School for 5 hours to obtain one item. However, Cindering later added an alternate method of earning Joe Cool Sunglasses for those who do not want to play for 5 hours.



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