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the future is a comedy Roblox game developed by the group The Rain Committee. As of June 30, 2020, it has accumulated over 17,000,000 place visits.


In the Main Menu, there are 3 options: Play, Customize, and Futurebucks.

  • Play: Opens the Menu with 2 images from iStockphoto with the Play button below the 2nd image.
  • Customize: Shows your character, allowing you to edit it. The hats can be changed, along with your face, shirt, and pants. You can also change the color of the skin, shirt, pants, and shoes.
  • Futurebucks: Shows the same image from the Play Menu, due to being added later.

In-game, you will have to vote for these game modes:

  • Moving Day (MD): You have 8 Minutes to take all the items from the house to the truck.
  • Gladiators (GLAD): Kill players in 5 minutes using weapons.


WASD: Move

Left Mouse or Right Mouse: Grab Item

Q/E: Use Item in Hand When the Icon of Q/E is shown

C: Crouch

LShift: Sprint

R: Toggle Ragdoll (Also puts you to 3rd Person)

V: Toggle View


Depths/DEP (Only in Gladiators)

Coliseum/COL (Only in Gladiators)

Floating Castle/FC (Only in Gladiators)

Mr. Flim's House (Only in Moving Day)

More will be coming in later updates


  • The Description says "Like comment subscribe", but this quote is only used in YouTube, Not Roblox.
  • Mr. Flim's House Looks like the house from the 64-Bit Only PC Game, Who's Your Daddy?
  • In the map Mr. Flim's House, if you look into a certain wall with a 3rd person camera glitch you can see a secret room with a unknown orb saying "henlo my frend" or "henlo my friend"


  • Hammer: Can be used to break glass, including the TV.
  • Glue: Pressing Q/E will cause the Glue to squirt out Glue.
  • Lamp: Pressing Q/E will toggle the light on it.
  • TV: Can be broken by the Hammer.


Some of the images include a custom font.