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There are two super-clans on Roblox that are titled The Raven Empire. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened on Roblox. Both groups used the Free V.I.P. Recruitment method in order to achieve a majority of their members. However, 2coolfirework's group has a slightly better reputation within the clan world, as it was made first. The way to distinguish between the two groups is the type of raven in which they call themselves. Channy97's group is also known as The Crimson Ravens, whereas 2coolfirework's is known as The Imperial Ravens. Despite sharing the same name, neither clan is allied with the other. On March 24, 2013, 2coolfireworks gained control of Channy97's The Raven Empire.

The Crimson Ravens

The Crimson Ravens version of The Raven Empire is a group founded by Channy97 was then shut down, and currently owned by NicholasSolvenis. Out of the two Raven Empires on Roblox, the Crimson Ravens are the larger of the two, having over 43,000 members. Channy97's version of the group was made after the Imperial Ravens. In early 2013, The Raven Empire hit the front page of groups, surpassing clan WIJ. On February 6, 2013, Channy97 quit Roblox, and KodakKid3 became the new leader of the group.

Shortly after, Channy97 had come back to Roblox and wanted this group back. However, KodakKid3 refused to give him back TRE and so Channy97 had started to rebel. He had slowly persuaded most of the TRE HRs into joining his rebel group, Black Hawk Brigade, and pretty soon the group had been taken over. Madlyzee and many other HR's AA'd and so KodakKid3 had given back TRE to Channy97. Channy97 then gave the group to 2coolfirework and made a fresh start with Black Hawk Brigade. 2coolfirework eventually shut the group down stating "This group has failed to copy the original." The group will most likely not be bought back.

Black Hawk Brigade the group that came up in TRE's fall can be found here

The Imperial Ravens

Starting in 2010 founded by 2coolfireworks, a golden age that would last through his leadership started, from 2010 to 2014. Not everything would be bad though as the first war was with a clan called Valor Legion. It lasted for a month and ended in a draw. after the battles had ended The Raven Empire saw a boost in morale and numbers and had conflicts with the powerful clan of Vaktovia before they became the VAK Empire they were known as The Vaktovian Coalition.

These minor conflicts would leave as VAK never raided back and it never escalated into full-scale war. Death Valley would soon be built and would stand as a monument at the time of Raven ingenuity and pride.

A couple of weeks after the 2nd war with Valor Legion Busted out and at the time both clans were near equal in member with 3000 Ravens vs 2000 in the Legion. The war has been lost to time so we do not know the numbers but we do know that the outcome was a Raven win. at this time TRE has been in 2 wars and 1 conflict. This would spark more wars and conflicts with clans like Recon Security and Electro Legion, But even better times were ahead as a major war broke out between TRE and Reign of Chaos, a couple of battles were played and all of them won by TRE, the war ended not long after it started with TRE being the Victor. But a dark cloud hung over The Imperials as civil war brewed and threatened the collapse of the empire. After the war though we had a gigantic war against 6 other clans. Which we won every single one. RAT, UCR, X-101st, Imperium of Man, Electro Legion, RSF, and Rebel Squad. An unknown as of yet number of wins and losses on the raven empires side allowed us to win all 6 wars. And then it struck. The Crimsons.

Channey97 leader of the Crimson Ravens declared war again the Imperials in what is known as the Crimson Crisis. Bloody battles were fought some lost some won. Death Valley and Vicinity being hot spots of the war. War on the forums also took place as people tried to comprehend what was happening as two Raven Empires warred against each other. The war came to a close after a final battle was struck and the Imperial ravens were victorious, it was decided the Crimsons would go about there clan ways and wouldn't be annexed.

After the Crimson Crisis, a couple of months went by with training and morale at an all-time high with a couple of skirmishes with RAT a war broke out again a few months after the CC, Valor Legion was back and with a vengeance.

Valor Legion would feel the wrath of TRE when the rivalry would come to a breaking point, a final war would be called to see who is the better clan. People betrayed each other and went to the other side when the fighting started, fights broke out at Valor Legion Fort Desola and TRE Vicinity. A final battle was called a while after the war started and the terms were set. Complete annexation of the enemy. As the final battle started it was tied for each other but with the amazing training of TRE we came out on top and defeated Valor, our long-time enemy was finally done for.

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