The Roblox Assault Team, also known as the Frostarian Union, or simply RAT, is a vast militant civilization, with state of the art research and development, a grand and unique culture, and a booming community. In the space of around six years, the Roblox Assault Team has grown from a small scale clan, into a united community of dozens of talented and loyal members, working tirelessly in synchronous harmony to create the highly acclaimed and influential contemporary clan that the Roblox Assault Team presents itself as.

History of the Roblox Assault Team (2009-2014)

2009: The Dark Ages, the UCR/RHC conflict & the transition of leadership to Donkeyo4.

Being the year of RAT's conception at the hands of Cezza321 and Stealthmatt, 2009 marked the beginning of the Roblox Assault Team as an official clan. Created in the image of a modern monarchy clan but later transformed into an empire, the Roblox Assault Team faced much criticism in what is highly regarded as the "dark ages" as a result of what the general clan community would describe as poor direction for the clan complimented by poor leadership decisions. However, with this in mind, during the "dark ages", RAT gained much notoriety from fighting many other up-and-coming clans of the time such as X-101st, Elite Wing and REF. It is highly disputed whether Stealthmatt or Cezza321 was the original creator of the group, still being debated to this day.

Following the aforementioned conflicts, RAT found itself thrown into what would later be considered one of the most notable wars of the era as tensions raised between RAT and the United Clan of Roblox. As a result of these hostilities, the Roblox Assault Team's presence in the clan world became much stronger despite their widely regarded loss in the conflict due to RHC's efforts to assist UCR in securing a solid victory. After the conflict, diplomatic relations between UCR and RAT bloomed, with RAT becoming the largest group on Roblox at the time. It was during this time that leadership of RAT was passed around multiple times until finally Donkeyo4, a former leader of RHC and prominent member of the Roblox Assault Team at the time, was appointed to the position of leader. It was with this opportunity of his leadership that Donkeyo4 began to introduce new rules, fortifications, technological advancements and training methods. These reformations of RAT's systems and machinations are still felt and appreciated by the community to this day.

2010: Tensions between the Roblox Assault Team and the First Encounter Assault Recon.

As the Roblox Assault Team developed as a clan under Donkeyo4, it was surprisingly surpassed in terms of population count by a new up and coming clan known as the First Encounter Assault Recon, or FEAR for short. FEAR as a clan was highly unpopular in the general clans community due to accusations of utilizing unethical methods to achieve it's ability to outgrow RAT's member count, most notably by using a front page recruitment tactic that FEAR's leader SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX adopted via his largely successful front page game that had a reputation for consisting of mostly uncredited and plagiarized work (via free models).

Outraged by these developments in the clan world, the Roblox Assault Team decided to prove their superiority to FEAR by initiating conflict with them with the help of a temporary alliance with the United Clan of Roblox and Frost Clan. After heavy fighting, the war concluded with a final battle between the highest-ranking members of the RAT/UCR/FC alliance and FEAR resulting in RAT, UCR and FC being the victors. Soon after, FEAR admitted defeat.

2011: The First Frostarian vs Vaktovian War

The Robloxian Army lost a war to RAT during a final battle in September 2011, and X-101st lost to RAT in June 2012. X-101st would later go on to help RAT in a future battle. In 2011, they then initiated in a gigantic war against The Vaktovian Empire, the winner being hotly debated to this day. During this time, Donkeyo4 changed his username to ColourTheory, to which he is more widely known. During 2011, RAT also became the third largest clan on Roblox, being outpaced in growth by the fastest growing group at the time, Vortex Security.

2012: The Introduction of Spectrum & The Group's Succession

In the summer of 2012, RAT released a new fort, called Fort Borealis, as their main base after using Celeste for two years. The release of the fort was very popular, quickly hitting the front page of most played games and it was featured in the Roblox Blog Spotlight on numerous occasions. RAT also went to war with F.E.A.R. a second time in 2012, with the war ending in a draw. On November 22, ColourTheory resigned and assigned leadership of the group to Cj10127, because of his inactivity on ROBLOX. Cj10127 used this role effectively and reformed the group in a handful of ways, including a new promotion system, and various division restructures. Cj introduced many new high ranks and brought much activity back to the clan due to the fact that RAT had massively dropped in activity when CT fell inactive. RAT became the fourth largest group during this time, after being surpassed in members by Team Domino.

2013: Operation Snake Eater, Cj10127's Era and the Rise of the New Frostarian Union

For the Roblox Assault Team, 2013 was initiated with a display of military strength as RAT banded together with the Grand Superclan Coalition to fight John's Cobras and the United Nations in an invasion on Fort Fang infamously dubbed Operation Snake Eater, in reference to the Metal Gear Solid game of the same name, as well as to the fact that John's Cobras has references to snakes in their name. Lasting from the 1st of January to the 3rd of January, Operation Snake Eater ultimately resulted in an undeniable victory for the Roblox Assault Team alongside all other factions of the Grand Superclan Coalition, increasing military morale substantially.

However, as the year progressed that military morale crumbled as RAT lost multiple conflicts against clans such as WIJ and TRA, additionally leading to heavy tensions in the High Command as the leader at the time Cj10127, shifted most, if not all of the blame towards his High Command and threatened to give the group away multiple times, to which he never followed through. Many whistleblowers such as Piede began to publicly criticize the highly controversial regime of Cj10127 in which he was described as stubborn, impulsively and biased towards individuals he favored in his personal life, awarding them ranks and benefits to which he did not offer to others. Ultimately, over time these tensions grew and grew as members of the High Command over time pulled out of the group due to the controversial leadership decisions and the hostilities in the community.

Ultimately, these issues were confronted fully when on the 7th of July, ColourTheory returned to ROBLOX temporarily to stage a public speech at the Sparrow Mansion. It was during this brief speech that ColourTheory spoke out against Cj10127's tyranny, dubbing him the "false Grand Admiral", provoking those that Cj10127 has previously angered to rebel against the regime widely regarded as lead incompetently. Multiple protests, tech leaks, and wars were staged against RAT, dubbed "7013" at the time (due to the group being the group's ID and the rebellion considering the group a shadow of its previous identity), damaging it's infrastructure substantially. In desperation, many questionable individuals were promoted to ludicrously high ranks in RAT in an attempt to cease the civil unrest at the hands of the NFU.

An attempt to create the eight generation of Sparrow technology also occurred within 2013, however, the project was never completed and although archived by a select few individuals, the technology was never released to the public.

Towards the end of the year, UAF, with the help of the NFU, invaded and later annexed Fort Borealis as a statement that the Roblox Assault Team will be attacked relentlessly until it is handed back to its true and former owners.

2014: The Victory of the New Frostarian Union

After intense negotiations over the course of months, finally, on the 8th of February, the Roblox Assault Team was returned to ColourTheory. As a result, the New Frostarian Union's rebellion movement had, therefore, concluded with the insurgents gaining control of RAT AKA 7013 once again. Following preliminary reformations, most notably involving the implementation of a Councillium system that allowed multiple individuals to lead RAT at the same time with a group holder overseeing them (originally being ColourTheory, but later being ThePhantonHourGlass as of March 2). Shortly after ThePhantonHourGlass became the overseer of the Councillium, the group was given to Meto02 who repealed the Councillium system, replacing it with a more traditional meritocracy where the Grand Admiral runs the clan as the ultimate superior power with the assistance of the Admirals and Officers.

Shortly into Meto02's era, The Vaktovian Empire declared war on the Roblox Assault Team following increasingly heavy tensions between the two clans. Still weakened by past damages dealt to RAT, the group struggled to hold their own against the opposition whilst at the same rebuilding the community and hierarchy. Ultimately, although RAT arguably won the original war against Vaktovia in ColourTheory's era, they lost undeniable in this conflict. During the second half of the war of attrition against VAK, RAT was handed over from Meto02 to Polymorphic following internal struggles. Polymorphic gained Grand Admiral following a vote in his favor from a committee of notable Frostarian leaders.

Under Polymorphic's leadership, the Roblox Assault Team blossomed into a superpower in the clan world, with a surge in population growth and public exposure catalyzing a substantial boost in morale and community attitude which ultimately launched a new golden age, leading it to fully recover from the troubles of its past. This population growth can arguably be credited to a vast advertising campaign funded by game developer Berezaa, a long time veteran of the Roblox Assault Team and creator of the popular ROBLOX game 2 Player Gun Factor Tycoon. It was this population growth, boost in morale and enhancements to the community that came as a result that ultimately converted RAT into the strong military force that won wars against Triclan (FEAR, UCR & RSF), H.A.U & BWE, Sleet Clan and TGI.

In 2014, Sparrow Corp released it's eighth generation of technology, commonly referred to as 8G, to the public with the Office of Naval Intelligence: Sierra, alongside over technological advancements such as the Solum Advancement Course, Palaestra Training Facility and Infocenter V.

2015: The Zanzibar Incident

In 2015, RAT defeated the Clockwork Corporation and Black Wolf Empire. Later that year, VOID ended their alliance with RAT and proceeded to declare war on them. RAT never formally accepted the war with VOID. Later on, RAT began a war with Alpha Authority, which later spiraled into the Zanzibar Incident. RAT then proceeded to declare victory. This sparked major controversy, with RAT supposedly editing the wins. AA, however, did not claim victory and declared the war void. RAT also managed to win the Bloxy award for best clan that year.

2017: The Second Rebellion

In 2017, RAT attempted to war Sleet Clan but the war never went past negotiation. This event made RAT commence a conquest against Sleet Clan and proceeded to raid the clan non-stop for a few weeks. A few months later, a controversial event arose when then Community Marshal AhlaiAdrastus, better known as Shiloo, rallied a group of officers in an attempt to convince them to leave RAT, sparking a large controversy within the pillars of the group. An Emergency High Command Meeting took place and two members were blacklisted and two others were demoted. Another incident took place when former ringleader of the NFU and Honorary High Command Member Tenal committed several infractions of the Frostarian Military Code and was subsequently blacklisted. In late June 2017, RAT declared war on three sword clans, name Black Wolf Empire, Veloxic Empire, and Elder Blades; where they flawlessly won with a war score of 16-0 against the three clans.

Late into July, the Grand Admiral, Polymorphic, discovered a scheme regarding a rebellion with the sole purpose of undermining the stability of Frostaria. This rebellion, called The Platinum Accord, was created by former Fleet Commander witisights, former Titleless Marshal KingAktar, and former Great Admiral Shinedown204. The rebellion plotted to recruit several RAT members, especially officers and former officers. Upon the discovery of this rebellion, KingAktar, witisights, and Shinedown204 were permanently blacklisted from RAT as a result. Other members of this rebellion were given a deadline of three days to leave the Platinum Accord and message Polymorphic, or else they would suffer a blacklist from RAT.

Late into the year, the members of the Platinum accord failed their supposed attempt at "reforming" the group using their influence and instead went to merge with Cryptonox's The Nighthawk Imperium. Prominent members such as Shinedown204, KingAktar, Witisights, Fabiao14/Julie, and Scarless integrated themselves within their new group and went on to cause ruckus within RAT. As a result of the merge, Grand Admiral Polymorphic went ahead and blacklisted the group and blacklisted anyone within the group from being able to remain within RAT. Members of the new opposition had begun plans for new development which with the addition of former RAT members being apart of this new group, they began to tempt current members to leave their positions within RAT for better spots within TNI. The RAT Hi-Com condemned their actions and discouraged everyone within the group to not join. One day before a FEAR + RAT crusade scheduled for the 20th of November, members of FoL decided to go and join TNI due to them defending RSF's Arvore 2 when FoL decided to raid. With this, pressure to join grew stronger and the blacklist to join was lifted on 3/3/2018.

2018: The start of The Decline

After the group's community being split apart into RAT and TNI, members that remained within the clan went on ahead and continued to host events as usual despite the major reduction in activity. RAT and SCR held multiple crusades during this year on multiple clans along with another Crusade with RAT and RiC later in the spring. New Variants of the 2015 Version of Celeste II has been developed, one in the spring and one in the summer. Accusations of corruption and defamatory remarks were thrown to RAT High command by SCR's leader Incending and because of SoL Warden Inkwood's Discord account getting deleted by discord for owning Child Pornography, SCR Terminated the previous Alliance and as a result Inkwood, and Incending both get blacklisted from the group. Whilist defending Inkwood's poor choices in the discord general chat, Shiloo also gets blacklisted only to have it appealed later by Polymorphic.

Leaders of the Roblox Assault Team

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Image User Leader History
StealthMatt StealthMatt was the second leader of the Roblox Assault Team. He was the first leader to make R.A.T. notable. During his reign, RAT gained over 20,000 members and then became the largest group on ROBLOX at that time. This was due to the popularity of RAT's first base, The R.A.T. Headquarters (HQ). After RAT's member count passed that of the United Clan of Roblox, the leader of the group, Benblue9, declared war on RAT. After a prolonged duration, the leaders of both groups ended the war through a treaty. ThePhantomHourGlass, who was a cousin of Benblue9, then convinced Stealthmatt to give ownership of the Roblox Assault Team to him. After this happened, Stealthmatt participated in various other groups, he is active as of late 2014.
ThePhantonHourGlass Commonly shortened to TPHG, ThePhantonHourGlass owned RAT for a considerably longer amount of time than the two previous leaders. He gained control of the group after he convinced Stealthmatt to resign. This created some controversy, as some players suspected that ThePhantonHourGlass scammed Stealthmatt out of the position. Once TPHG was in rule, he allied the group to the United Clan of Roblox, which was owned by his cousin, Benblue9. During his reign as the leader of the group, ThePhantonHourGlass made several reforms in the group, including replacing high ranks and improving technology. However, he still kept the first logo, as well as the first headquarters in use. Aside from owning the Roblox Assault Team, ThePhantonHourGlass owned many other super-clans at the time, including Frost Clan and UCR. ThePhantonHourGlass was terminated in 2010, so he then moved to the account Meowmixxed. While on the account Meowmixxed, he served as the second-in-command of The Roblox Assault Team under the Donkey04/ColourTheory era. After Meowmixxed was terminated, he then moved to the account Benblue, which he continues to use. On March 2, 2014, ColourTheory handed RAT to ThePhantonHourGlass. He served as the leader of the Roblox Assault Team for 25 more days, before handing over leadership of the group to Meto02 on April 27, 2014.
Ploober33 Ploober33' had the shortest leadership of any leader in the clan, claiming the role for approximately 24 hours.
Bobob55 Bobob55 lead for a short time, during which he still made several vital contributions to the group, and left a legacy that was built on during the Donkeyo4/ColourTheory era. Bobob55 reformed the Roblox Assault Team into a more modern/futuristic military, with help of his second-in-command ColourTheory. He is still a member of RAT today.
ColourTheory :Main Article: Community:ColourTheory

Once known as donkeyo4 (D4) prior to 2011, ColourTheory's name was changed due to an accident from the ROBLOX moderation team and the then broken Content Deletion system from the admin panel on the Forums. He is the previous leader of the Roblox Assault Team and has reformed the group into a stronger, more influential group than RAT has ever been. RAT has prospered under his reign, gaining an estimated 40,000 members since he became leader back in late 2009 to early 2010. ColourTheory has gotten the group in a handful of wars since his position as leader, but in his reign has won many of them as a result. He was the leader during the war with VAK. He handed leadership of the group to Cjsaurusrex on November 22, 2012, but got the group back on February 8, 2014. He then handed RAT over to ThePhantonHourglass on March 2 of the same year.

Cjsaurusrex The previous leader of RAT, Cjsaurusrex was handed the group from ColourTheory on November 22, 2012. Cjsaurusrex has made multiple reforms to the group, including a new promotion system, multiple division reforms, and a new logo. He has also carried on the legacy of ColourTheory while also building on it. The first major war fought under Cjsaurusrex's administration was against John's Cobras and the United Nations. Cjsaurusrex's previous username was Cj10127, but encountering some issues, he changed his username. He handed RAT back to ColourTheory on February 8, 2014, and left the Roblox Assault Team on the 21st.
Meto02 Meto02 was the leader of RAT before Polymorphic was given it after having it passed on to him by ThePhantonHourGlass. Like many of the other commanders of R.A.T., he was a high-ranking official in the group long before he became the owner of the group. The only war fought under Meto was the 2014 Vaktovian war, which RAT lost as they only won two battles at Swampy Moon Outpost and Celeste II, which was brought back for the war.
Polymorphic Polymorphic is the current leader of the RAT. Like under Meto's leadership the group still uses the Free VIP Recruitment method often criticized by most. Under Polymorphic's reign, RAT has conquered TGI, Triclan (FEAR+UCR+RSF), Sleet Clan, and BWE/HAU AA VS. Polymorphic along with aid from Berezaa, has helped the group reach heights never seen before. Activity soared into the sky at the beginning of his reign but towards his later years, he became an intern at ROBLOX and decided to focus on developing an MMO named Vesteria with Berezaa. RAT under him currently became inactive and entered indefinite hibernation until someone who meets the requirements set could come and become the next successor.

Ranks of the Roblox Assault Team

These ranks are based on the Lotus Promotion System, established by cjsaurusrex(Previously cj10127).

Entrance Ranks

[1] Conscript

As new recruits, Conscripts are not yet officially considered as legitimate soldiers of the Roblox Assault Team's vast military. Upon completion of the Solum Advancement Course, Conscripts are then promoted to the rank of Soldier and additionally admitted as an official member.

[2] Soldier

The Soldiers of the Roblox Assault Team are the bulk of the Frostarian Union's military. More information coming soon.

Experience Ranks

[3] Scout

Scouts are R.A.T. troops that have proven themselves in some way, through combat or leadership. Members of this rank are expected to have a basic understanding of R.A.T. and have maturity. Like Soldiers, they are expected to follow orders but have little to no leadership powers. Earned by having 10 prestige.

[4] Guard

Guards are expected to guard R.A.T.'s forts against enemy raiders. They are expected to be extremely active at R.A.T. forts, more so than previous ranks. A guard can be expected to provide strategic information to the commanding officer at the base, in order to successfully guard the base against raiders. Guards have the ability to join R.A.T Divisions. Earned by having 30 prestige.

[5] Marksman

Not only are Marksmen required to carry out the duties assigned to Scouts and Guards, but they are also expected to start showing their leadership skills in the group. They are expected to carry out their assigned duties without assistance from high ranks. Marksman prepare for the rank of Supervisor. Earned by having 70 prestige.

Sub-Officer Ranks

[6] Supervisor

Supervisor is the first rank in R.A.T. where members are no longer treated as soldiers and are now treated as role models and leaders. Supervisors are expected to advise and train the low ranks with the supervision of an Officer and to provide strategic defense tips for the low ranks to follow to ensure a successful defense. Earned by having 150 prestige.

[7] Vindicator

Vindicators are the Senior Sub-Officers of Frostaria. They are allowed to host events and add manual prestige in the Infocenter. These Sub-Officers are looked up to and considered a leader and role model by many Frostarian low ranks. Earning this rank is done by passing an application given by the Progression General and earning 200 prestige.

Officer Ranks

[8] Justicar

Justicar is the first Officer rank of R.A.T. In order to gain this rank, you must be a great host AND a great leader. When you receive positive Council Logs and pass a training evaluation by the Progression Department, the HiCom will vote on whether to promote you or not. With this rank comes the responsibility to host frequently and ensure that all members are following the rules.

[9] Marshal

Marshal is the second Officer rank of R.A.T. This rank is earned by being chosen by any Admiral+ to assist them in their duties. You are now looked up to as a possible future member of the High Council and should act as such.

  • Unvocalized (Progression Marshal)
  • MaliciousDream (Warfare Marshal)

Prominent Ranks

[-] Operator

This is a rank which may only be awarded by a High Council vote. Operators include members who have been extremely loyal to the Roblox Assault Team over the years and members who still have a large say in decisions being made. They are regularly retired Admirals who have been in their position for 1 year at least and they have the ability to regain the rank of Justicar, if they wish to come out of retirement.

[-] Honorary Leader

Former leaders of R.A.T. All previous R.A.T leaders are put into this rank and can generally come back as an Admiral if they so wish.

  • bobob55
  • Cjsaurusrex
  • Ploober33
  • ColourTheory

High Council Ranks

[10] Admiral

Admirals are expected to carry out the duties assigned to them in a specific department given to them by the head of that department. They are also expected to oversee the Officer ranks and assist them when needed. Admirals are selected by a High Command vote. The current RAT admirals are as follows:

  • concents - Community Overseer
  • ISY111 - Progression General
  • swagwizard102 - State Consul
  • Re_Cognition - Fleet Commander
  • fireandicebattle - Honorary High Command
  • F_1 - Honorary High Command

[11] Great Admiral

Great Admirals are some of the most trusted members of the Grand Admiral. They are Senior High Command, second only to the Grand Admiral.

There can only be a maximum of three Great Admirals at one given point. If the Grand Admiral were to ever retire, the Second in Command (Great Admiral) would take his place, as the next Grand Admiral. The other two Great Admirals are the head of either one of the two department types (Internal Affairs and External Affairs) and oversee the Admirals assigned to those specific departments.

Current Great Admirals

  • Surgence - Great Admiral
  • meto01 - Executive Committee
  • dizzdazz4 - Executive Committee
  • ThePhantonHourGlass - Executive Committee

[12] Grand Admiral

Head of the Frostarian Meritocracy, the Grand Admiral oversees all operations in the Roblox Assault Team and ensures that all is running smoothly and efficiently. Spearheading the clan, the Grand Admiral is either chosen by the Grand Admiral before them or by a makeshift committee of several prominent RAT veterans. The current Grand Admiral, Polymorphic, was appointed the prestigious rank of Grand Admiral on August 18, 2014.

The Grand Admiral additionally is granted the privilege of commanding and being protected by the Frostarian Royal Guard, an elite task force of highly trained Frostarian combatants.

Committees of the Roblox Assault Team

Committees of the Roblox Assault Team are a group of members consisted of chosen people in RAT to work in a certain area related to the main division of RAT in order to help it stay stable. Departments are a subdivision of a committee tasked with taking on a heavier workload and helping with the overall maintenance of the committee itself. There are currently 4 Committees, the Progression Committee, Community Resources Committee, Warfare Committee, and the Diplomacy Committee.

There is also an independent Department in RAT that does not belong to a committee, that being the Liaison Department.

Internal Affairs Committee

Committees under Internal Affairs are committees that deal with the internal functions of RAT.

Community Resources Committee

The Community Resources Committee is in charge of overall community interaction, through event hosting, tweeting on the Frostarian Twitter and interacting with the community of Frostaria in general.

Community Resources Committee:

  • concents (Community Overseer)
  • Re_Cognition (Department Member)
  • Surgence (Department Member)
  • Vipiri (Committee Member)
  • Unvocalized (Committee Member)
  • Demonic_Apparition (Committee Member)
  • nensywrld (Committee Member)

Progression Committee

The Progression Committee is in charge of the promotion system within RAT. This committee handles the evaluation of events, reservation of events, manages evaluations for Vindicator and Justicar and makes sure all hosts are fit and ready for their rank.

Progression Committee:

  • ISY111 (Progression General)
  • Unvocalized (Progression Marshal)
  • concents (Department Member)
  • vextero (Committee Member)
  • superdee1 (Committee Member)
  • IJustifiedI (Committee Member)
  • nensywrld (Committee Member)

External Affairs Committees

Committees under External Affairs are committees that deal with external relations within RAT.

Warfare Committee

The Warfare Committee is in charge of all warfare aspects of RAT. This committee is in charge of the hosting of Practice Raids, Defenses, Raids and overall warfare within RAT. The committee also manages the declaration of war against hostile clans with the approval of the Frostarian High Command.

Warfare Committee:

  • Re_Cognition (Fleet Commander)
  • MaliciousDream(Warfare Marshal)
  • Demonic_Apparition(Committee Member)
  • nensywrld (Committee Member)

Diplomacy Committee

The Diplomacy Committee manages the diplomatic relations between RAT and it's allies. It manages alliance requests and removal of alliances with the approval of the Frostarian High Command. The committee is also in charge of hosting joint events such as Joint Trainings, Joint Game Nights and other events that include our allies.

Diplomacy Committee:

  • swagwizard102 (State Consul)
  • vextero (Diplomacy Marshal)
  • zhypergabby (Diplomacy Marshal)
  • nensywrld (Committee Member)

More information coming soon.

Divisions of the Roblox Assault Team

All of the divisions listed are owned by Councilliums or Great Admirals, Thus making them Official.

The Frostarian Honors Division [CLOSED]

The Frostarian Honors Division houses the greatest and most renowned members of Frostaria. Entrance into this division is extremely strict. In order to be able to join the division, you must be at the rank of Guard and above, then get recommended by another Guard or above in Infocenter V. New members are announced monthly in an official Honors Awarding Ceremony.

The Frostarian Honors Division is headed by a Chairperson, which is held by no one at the current moment.

Currently closed until RAT exits its hibernation period.

The Roblox Assault Team Immortals [SHUTDOWN]


The Immortals Division houses the strongest sword fighters and gunslingers in Frostaria. Immortals answer directly to High Command. Gaining entrance into this elite division is not simple. One must prove their worth through weekly tryouts and advanced testing in order to become a part of the deadly Immortals. This division may make a return in the future.....

*RAT Immortals: Meto02 (Head), Malvus (Warfare Overseer), Dmoney433 (Brigadier), Fabiao (Brigadier) Updates: Meto02 and his team will be making Immortals more open to entry and more transparent to allow for more raids and inclusiveness.

Frostarian Council [SHUTDOWN]

Frostarian Council
This division serves as a high-rank division for the members of R.A.T. The purpose of this division is to ensure communication between the high ranks within the group. The information discussed in the Council is considered top secret, and exaltation from the group will happen if information from the division is leaked. The members of this division are ranked based on the department they work for. In order to gain admission to the group, members must be the rank of Marshal+ in the main division. Some exceptions are made for some people and they come as an Honorary Member.

Sparrow Corporation

The Sparrow Corporation is the most prestigious division which houses the most renowned developers of Frostaria. Members of this division build and script well-made technology for RAT. The division also oversees development of RAT guns, which in this era, is scripting Project Aurora, or more well known as 10G.

Sparrow Corporation is lead by a Sparrow Overseer, which is currently held by Creative Director Surgence/KryptedX.

The Flight of Liberation [CLOSED]

The Flight of Liberation houses the most elite gunfighters Frostaria has to offer. Entrance into this prestigious division is extremely strict, and there are only two ways to be granted entrance into FoL, one through a tryout, and the other is recruitment by a Militarius and above. The Flight of Liberation participates in scrimmages, makes up a large raiding force of Frostaria and overall carries the most elite gunfighters of Frostaria.

The Flight of Liberation is led by an Imperator, which is currently held by Warfare Admiral Re_Cognition.

The division remains closed for the time being until RAT leaves its hibernation status.

The Solstice Sentinels [SHUTDOWN]

The Roblox Assault Team Sentinels aims to create an organization and framework for officers within Frostaria. Our sole aim is to train, mentor and prepare officers for their hopeful future in the RAT HICOM. Sentinels creates a system in which mentoring and specialized internships are available to those select officers within Frostaria.

More details to follow as Sentinels is currently being worked on.

More details for divisions will be coming soon. Sub Divisions will be included soon.

  • RAT Sentinels: ThePhantonHourGlass (Co-Head), Fabiao (Co-Head), Dizzdazz4 (Head of Mentoring), Girthy (Manager) Updates: Sentinels will be put into action as soon as the Infocenter is released, a mentoring/internship listing will be released soon. (Trying to get rid of the square thing, will figure out how to get rid of it).

Sentinels was planned for shut down by TPHG on the grounds of it having no real use but managed to avoid it for the time being. Solstice Sentinels remained active from then on with multiple Wardens I.E. Depicitions, Jacob, ShatteredQuantum, Inkwood, Tazm0ndo, and Demonic_Apparition.

The division was shut down in 2/3/2019 as the division's administration was deemed to be too toxic for its own good and was replaced with the previously used Royal Guards for a future focus in the sword division's roleplay applicaitions.

Homeworld Security [SHUTDOWN]


Homeworld Security is the division that supports the core values of RAT. In HWS you can find some of the most ambitious members of the community, who work hard to make sure that everything goes as planned within RAT. Whether that be hosting or defending, members of Homeworld Security try their best to excel.

Homeworld Security is currently shut down.

Medical Division [SHUTDOWN]


The RAT medical division existed in 2014 under Meto02, and were created for Celeste. Members of this division would spawn in with a medkit that would heal those in an area around them. They wore a special white RAT uniform. Entry to the division was through a rigorous medical trial and an application.

Shortly after Meto02 left and Celeste was out of use, the division was shut down.

Fortifications and Bases of the Roblox Assault Team

Fort Borealis


Fort Borealis

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Fort Borealis is R.A.T.'s newest (yet previous) fort. The fort is located in a tropical climate on a series of 9 islands known as the Borealis Islands. The Borealis Islands were named after the Aurora Borealis, aka "The Northern Lights". These islands lie far north of the main Frostarian habitable continent. It lies in the Border Ocean, the ocean that separates the colonies in the frozen wasteland and the cities and society in the main continent around the equator planet. There exist 5 islands: Borealis Alpha, Borealis Beta, Borealis Omega, Borealis Gamma and Borealis Crown. The battle takes place on the largest island, Borealis Crown. The main fort is on the biggest island, with a man-made canal dividing the island right down the middle. The fort itself contains two outposts: a raiders' base and a Roblox Assault Team base. The goal of the game is to defend one base while trying to take over and attack the other. The R.A.T. base contains the main road with several buildings on each side. The Raiders' base contains a broken wall with tents and multiple buildings. The base is relatively fair, with each side having access to the same weapons and vehicles, and spawning in their own base. To capture the terminal, players must stand on the terminal for the opposing team until a flash drive tool appears in their Starter Pack. They then must bring this flash drive to their terminal, and stand on it. In 20 minutes, the other team wins. Also, players can unsecured the other terminal, causing members of that outpost to spawn outside of the base. Fort Borealis has recently been released in August 2012 and was released as a part of the R.A.T. project Spectrum. The fort contains new technology that had never been seen before by the Roblox Assault Team, such as a unique terminal system, new weapons, and new vehicles, in addition to other new technology. The fort took Celeste II's former game-slot and hit the front page almost immediately. The popularity of the game got RAT over 2,000 more members in the week of its release, as well as giving the game-slot over 1,000,000 place visits.

Fort Celeste

Main article: Community:ColourTheory/Fort Celeste
Celeste 1

Celeste I

Fort Celeste is R.A.T.'s main fort. It is the oldest out of all of the other R.A.T. forts, and it has been updated several times. Celeste is the most popular R.A.T. fort, amounting to over 1.1 million place visits. Two versions of this fort have been released since the fort's creation, with a third currently in the works.

The first version was known as Fort Celeste I. It was modeled after X-101st's Fort Franneh. Located on a tropical island in the middle of a vast ocean, the fort was surrounded by a spiked wall. To raid the fort, raiders entered from a hole in the back of the wall. The fort itself contained a horizontal building that had an armory, prison, lobby, control room, meeting room, and offices.


Celeste II

Celeste I was then upgraded to Celeste II. (which is the now main fort) Located in a frozen climate, this version differed from the original in several ways. The building was a vertical skyscraper, as opposed to a horizontal building. The second version contained all the things the original did, but this version had additions as well, such as a control room, clinic, and Sparrow Corp. Offices. In order to raid this fort, raiders must take a boat over to the snowmobiles, and ride one over the fort walls. Cj10127 has stated that Celeste III is in the works, with some of the features being an all-new gun set, all new terrain, and a refurbished tower. Cj has not stated a release date for the project but is expected to soon.

Fort Equinox

Fort Equinox is one of the older bases of The Roblox Assault Team. Originally built as a secondary base to serve as a backup to Celeste II, Fort Equinox was taken down with the release of Borealis. The fort was then revived when R.A.T. went to war with WIJ and has remained as the secondary base for the group. Located in a tropical climate, the fort itself is carved into the mountains. The inside of the fort contains an obstacle course to get to the flag, an armory, meeting room, barracks, offices, and a recreational area. These areas are spread out throughout the base. There is also an elevator that takes players to the top floor, which contains more offices. The fort has several vehicles as well. These vehicles include a helicopter and a jet. The fort used to have a nuke plane. This plane dropped bombs that could easily destroy the fort and kill other players instantly. Because of abuse by both R.A.T. members and raiders, this plane was since taken down.

Fort Sierra

Fort Sierra is the current base used by RAT. The TGI, Triclan, SC, and HAU/BWE wars have been fought here. Here, you must take a bomb to the terminal located inside the fort building and hold it for two minutes to win a raid.

Truth about their forts

This fort, as well as others, have raiders weapons with damage reduction of 2 so that RAT group can win which is unfair. There was a forum that had this but was deleted.

New Frostarian Union

The New Frostarian Union was created during ColourTheory's temporary return after seeing how much RAT had fallen. After NFU was noticed by veteran RAT members and others, many started leaving RAT for NFU. The development team of NFU started creating a clan engine named 'Martyr' although it was never really released.

For some time, an old member of RAT and NFU: Piede took over the group for some time. Then he handed it over to Tenal who brought much activity to NFU.

During Tenal's reign, NFU had reached it's 'peak'. Tenal introduced a fort named 'The Blackout of Celeste' A remastered version of the famous Celeste II. Tenal introduced a new cause of NFU: To 'drain out' RAT's resources. NFU during Tenal's reign, Tenal has turned NFU more like a 'clan'. It also joined an alliance respected by 'clanners' named 'The Coalition of Steel'. However, it also caused controversy due to the fact almost everything at 'Blackout of Celeste' was made by CT or someone else, despite having criticized Cj for using CT's tech.

However, during this time, a combatant named Sdght34, was exiled from NFU for speaking out against the corruption that the Coalition of Steel had brought into the new union during the war between Vaktovia and Arcadia. Not much is known about this, except for the fact that Sdght34 had tried to create a separate rebellion party to counter NFU and take over Frostaria's destiny called The New Frostaria Union, which eventually became a special division that contained only people who had sworn to keep the peace within Frostaria internally called The Frostarian Enclave.

The demise of NFU meant that it was the first successful rebellion on ROBLOX, according to Tenal. ColourTheory merged NFU with RAT after talking with CJ and persuading a close Admiral of Cj's to get him to hand over the group. He has proposed a Council system including a reform.

Frostarian Family Network

All Official families gathered together. [Currently not in use]

[Families Incorporated Into The Network]:

- The Elysium Family [Led by: ju_lie]

Motto: Revenge is a right.

- The Vesania Family [Led by: Swordmaker]

Motto: For the unusual.

- The Avarum Family [Led by: JoelBenton]

Motto: Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

- The Sparrow Family [Led by: Polymorphic]

Motto: Own RAT or die!

- The Invictius Family [Led by: Rykarz]

Motto: War is cruelty, and none can make it gentle.

- The Praedonum Family [Led by: IndyTheWindyCindy]

Motto: Knowledge is power.

Future Endeavors

  • Next Generation Development Team
  • Info-centre VI
  • 10G Gun Game
  • 10G Facilities
  • 10G technology
  • Celeste III (maybe)
  • Solum II
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