The Roblox Assault Team, also known as the Frostarian Union, or simply RAT, is a war group.


The Roblox Assault Team was founded in 2009 by Cezza321 and Stealthmatt. It took part in wars against United Clan of Roblox in early years.

Ownership was passed onto ColourTheory and participated in wars against The First Encounter Assault Recon with the assistance of the United Clan of Roblox and Frost Clan. It then also participated in wars with The Robloxian Army TRA, X-101st Legion Main Army, and The Vaktovian Empire.

In the summer of 2012, The Roblox Assault Team released its Fort Borealis game. It was featured in the Roblox Blog Spotlight on numerous occasions. On November 22, 2012, ColourTheory handed group ownership to Cj10127 due to his inactivity.

In 2013, the group participated in wars with John's Cobras and WIJ. ColourTheory returned to Roblox to speak about the group in regards to Cj10127's ownership. This caused incidents and drama within the group, known within the community as "7013".[citation needed] ColourTheory was given ownership again in February 2014, and the group's management setup was changed. Ownership was then given to Meto02. The group participated in another war with The Vaktovian Empire that resulted in ownership being given to Polymorphic.

While Polymorphic was owner of the group, the group increased in size and notability, mostly due to promotion from berezaa, a veteran of the group. In 2015, The Roblox Assault Team participated in wars against Black Wolf Empire and Alpha Authority. It also won the "Favorite Battle Group" award in the 2015 BLOXY Awards.

In 2017, The Roblox Assault Team participated in raids against Sleet Clan. Later in the year, the group had internal controversy with The Nighthawk Imperium, causing drama between the two groups. A number of The Roblox Assault Team's active members went to The Nighthawk Imperium.[citation needed]

Ownership history

User Notes
StealthMatt The second owner of the group.
Ploober33 Ploober33 had the shortest leadership of any leader in the clan, claiming the role for approximately 24 hours.
ColourTheory :Main Article: Community:ColourTheory


  • The Frostarian Honors Division
  • The Roblox Assault Team Immortals [unused]
  • Frostarian Council [unused]
  • Sparrow Corporation
  • The Flight of Liberation
  • The Solstice Sentinels [unused]
  • Homeworld Security [unused]
  • Medical Division [unused]


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