The Robloxian Military [RM] is a fast-growing modern military-based group created by Dellkiller123. From the coming days of May 2013, the group was created. Due to the massive number of people and raiders in their base, the Robloxian Military Recruitment Center; nicknamed the REC / RC; the group quickly grew. In July 2013, the group reached 10,000 members. Currently, they have over 65,000 members. 


This group has a long history, here are some of the major ones.

~On April 28, 2013, the group was founded by Dellkiller123.

~A "Golden Age" started, and RM established order.

~A massive raid started, group members and allies start to defend the Recruitment Center.

~The raid was so massive, the Recruitment Center went to the first page, which made random people invade RM too.

~After days and weeks of fighting the raid is over {Raiders Are Unknown}, which helps RM gain hundreds and thousands of members.

~Many groups, known and unknown start to raid RM; the raids were not massive, but still it affected the growth of RM.

~On April 2014, TehProblemSolver is the owner of RM, Dellkiller123 gave her the group, due her "loyalty" to RM and Dellkiller's inactiveness.

~ TehProblemSolver proved to be unworthy of commanding Robloxian Military and made it corrupt, and began the "Dark Age." TehProblemSolver sold RM for a limited. The amount of ROBUX is unknown to which RM was sold.

~ IGrimmx/Flawlessed scammed TehProblemSolver, and after that happened, the real High Ranks of RM and the old owners made a new group called "Robloxian Military [RM] (Had another space in it due to original name rights)"

~ The original owners of the Robloxian Military retrieved the group back, and DrNosy / LordNosyFatt1 claims leadership.

~ (Retired) Vice Commander JakeVSGaming, (Retired) Head General LordOfTheProteins, and (Retired) Head General LiteBlock (Lyyte) stood up and promised the revival of the Golden Age, also known as the Age of Revival.

~ Commander DrNosy shuts down the Robloxian Military, as of 4/22/2015.

~ Commander DrNosy creates the Robloxian Military Academy and a new Robloxian Military in attempt to create a more active Robloxian Military.

~ Dellkiller123, the original founder of the Robloxian Military, creates a brand new group called the Robloxian Coalition. It is the new superclan successor to the RM, and currently has over 15,000 members. It was created on May 5, 2015. (Update 6/22/2016: The Robloxian Coalition has been abandoned, with member counts steadily dropping. The current member count is around 6,000, now claimed by another group).

~ Commander DrNosy is currently losing faith in the RM, and others think of the new RM and old RM as a failure. The RM now enters the age of Death; or the age of "The Robloxian Military's Death."

~DrNosy grants supervised ownership to excellentJ before taking it back for another 5 months.

~ Former Commander DrNosy hands down the group to Commander excellentJ. ~ RM was revived and is developing at a steady rate. It now officially enters the "Age of Revival". New culture develops which forms the modern RM.

~ As RM recruits new members, RM has still not been able to have another "Golden Age".

~ On February 12, 2016, wildNinjar, the former Vice Commander, accessed excellentJ's account and took over RM, giving funds to the members that participated in assisting him. Diehard1234 then convinced wild to give RM back to excellentJ. Before leaving, Wild gave Privates group admin so they spend group funds and ruin the group.

~ As of June 20, 2016, under the leadership of excellentJ, the group has achieved a member count of 47,000+, and activity has skyrocketed.

~As of July 21, 2016, excellentJ has given the group to bizbot19 to make it active. It's nearing 50k and is currently at 49k.

~ June 3rd, 2017, RM is officially announced of its shutdown.

~As of October 15, 2017, the Robloxian Military has been revived. A new Commander has been selected by Bizbot19 and ExcellentJ, SCP504, the Director of the 47th.

~ SCP504 Annoced a development shutdown for the group to bulid the arctic Patrol Bace. The group has been in this state for 2 years now.


  • The Golden Age
  • The Dark Age
  • The Downfall of RM
  • The Age of Revival 
  • The Second Dark Age (Current)


  • Facility 64
  • Tanis Base [RM] [TRAIN]


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RM was shaped by 3 other groups-

  • SAS
  • ERAF
  • D4


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