The Three Stooges was a ROBLOX event sponsoring the film with the same name in 2012. You could choose to play as Larry, Moe, and Curly. The game closed shortly after the event. It reused a lot of scripts from "ROBLOX Base Wars FPS ".


Name Image Creator/Group
Welcome to Stoogeville
Welcome to Stoogeville Thumbnail


Welcome to StoogeVille

Welcome to StoogeVille

The teaser trailer about the new event.


Name Game Image Objective
Larry's Hair Welcome to Stoogeville
Larry's Hair
Win a round as Larry in "Welcome to Stoogeville".
Moe's Hair Welcome to Stoogeville
Moe's Hair
Win a round as Moe in "Welcome to Stoogeville".
Wooden Mallet Welcome to Stoogeville
Wooden Mallet Gear
Win a round as Curly in "Welcome to Stoogeville".
Slappy Salmon Welcome to Stoogeville
Slappy Salmon Gear
Win as the MVS (Most Valuable Stooge) in "Welcome to Stoogeville".
Lobster Welcome to Stoogeville
Lobster Gear
Win as the MVS (Most Valuable Stooge) in "Welcome to Stoogeville".
Stooge Egg Welcome to Stoogeville
Stooge Egg Hat
Find it randomly in "Welcome to Stoogeville".

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Three Stooges Cap
Three Stooges Cap Hat
1 ticket
Three Stooges Movie Shirt
The Three Stooges Movie Shirt
1 ticket

Cancelled Prizes

This event has only one cancelled prize, Curly's Hair. The hair represents the hair of one of the 3 protagonists, Curly. It is currently unknown how it would have been obtained.

Name Game Image Objective
Curly's Hair Welcome to Stoogeville


  • This was the first 20th Century FOX sponsor.
  • This was the second movie sponsor. First being Level Up from 2011.
  • Sometime after the event, the game closed.
    • the game can be found here


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