• Hi! Thank you for being concerned about other editors! You seem to be very empathetic, and that will get you very far in life. :)

    I am a bit concerned about some of your recent posts on Robot's message wall. What you are doing is often called flamebait, which is a message that may cause other people to become angry or upset. You've been a great editor so far, but posting these types of posts on other websites where people might not know you as well can cause people to be upset at you (and believe that you are a troll, who is a person purposefully trying to make people upset). In the situation with Robot, it's best handled to the administrators. Posting your comments like "Well, you removed the admin's warnings", will cause Robot to become upset. And, as you can see in the arguments you've had with him earlier today, it just causes things to become out-of-control and causes everyone to be upset.

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