• Hi, I'm here because we're slightly concerned about some of your recent edits to pages and how you are developing new pages. You're not in trouble, but we'd like to inform you of some stuff so that we don't have to keep reverting your edits.

    Generally, you should be creating pages in line with our style guide (or manual of style) at Project:Manual of Style. This dictates roughly how pages should be formatted and links to Wikipedia for further clarifications. This is a special-case page where content that is not on the style guide should not be done on articles. I only bring that part up because it's a common misconception.

    Further are more specific concerns;


    I've noticed you're putting a lot of unnecessary categories onto pages. I have a feeling that you're mistaking the categories for "tags", like to assist with search parameters. This isn't the case. Categories are simply to categorize pages for navigation or management purposes. They should not be treated as a SEO/tagging system as they don't work like this. For the most part, you probably don't need to add any categories manually, as almost all categories for most pages will be applicable via templates that you need to use on the page anyway.

    "How it looks in-game" images

    Currently I've removed these from the pages you're using them on. This isn't necessarily a bad thing...but we don't currently have anything in the style guide requiring them, so we'd currently prefer that they aren't added. This is mostly just for consistency purposes. Having a few pages with them and the majority without doesn't necessarily look right.

    For the few times you've added meshes & texture files on there, we haven't removed them particularly yet as honestly I think it's not that bad of a thing to have on pages without inconsistency. Another staff member might disagree though and remove them.

    If you think that these types of images should be displayed, please consider suggesting them on our wiki-related forum boards, though the in-game look images I feel are still unnecessary.

    Further questions?

    If you've any more questions about page editing feel free to ask.

    Please note that ignoring any sort of these reminders might be mistaken as vandalism.

    ~~ Anzu-TLK ~~ contact me

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    • Oh sorry, I didn't know you couldn't add in-game pictures. I am very sorry. I am new to the site and would love to make some great edits. I strictly would love to follow the rules of this site and wanted to just have fun with editing. I am not a big fan of vandalizing since It's just mean. Thank you for sending me this message.

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    • Just stopping by to say welcome to the wiki! I really like seeing all the mesh and texture images (could be helpful to people who like to recolor hats).

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    • A FANDOM user
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