• Notice: This is an analysis, not an answer key. Don't treat it as such. The following below is the author's thoughts and interpretations to the clues given.
    Currently, there's a ROBLOX event going on called Ready Player One, and it's one of the most interesting ROBLOX sponsored events that I ever witnessed. The general idea of the event is to be the first one to decipher the meaning of the clues and obtain the key. This forum is just to throw in my two cents into the hat.

    Here's my analysis of the clues given so far. Note that my analysis may or may not be the correct interpretation to the clues, so take this with caution. I'll be sure to update whenever a new clue comes up.

    Copper Key

    Clue 1

    The location of the Copper Key may sound surprising

    The Copper Key is somewhere unexpected, possibly in a hidden location somewhere in its map. My advice is to search every crook and cranny of the map.

    Especially if you have been antagonizing

    This line assumes that you have been doing bad things. The Copper Key is a robber-themed place, so your most likely candidates are Jailbreak, Prison Life, etc.

    If It’s rehabilitation you seek,

    Rehabilitation is a synonym towards help or reformation. Knowing the line above, this may be a nod towards a jail, where prisoners are "reformed" to be good citizens when they get out.
    Alternatively, this may just be a line that's basically asking, "If you need help finding the Copper Key."

    Then come find this grand antique

    This is the line I'm having trouble with. This assumes that the place might be old. However, we don't know their interpretation of how old. Be wary.
    Alternatively, this word "antique" maybe interpreted as "legend", something popular back then or now.

    Infiltrate this sacred place unharmed

    Sacred can either mean "holy/blessed" or "protected". "Place" may be interpreted as the game itself or a location inside the game. Either way, its location must be special. In addition, "infiltrate" is also an interesting choice of words. "Infiltrate" has a connotation of "breaking in", enforcing the idea that the Copper Key may be inside something protected.

    And there you shall find a secret old charm.

    In this line, "charm" is shown as an ancient amulet or trinket. Take note of the word "secret", meaning that the location of said charm is hidden well; not in plain sight.

    Clue 2

    Whether by night or day,

    This may possibly be a nod towards the game having a day-night cycle, or an illusion of day and night.

    You'll find conflict happening in

    "Conflict" possibly refers to a "player vs player" or "team vs team" game. To an extent, possibly "conflict" may refer to a survival game.

    All corners of this open world game.

    An "open-world" game is referring to a game where you can roam around freely and choose goals and objectives based on the mechanics around you. This description applies to most games.
    Most people would interpret this literally, searching only the corners of the map. I'd suggest looking not only the corners of the map, but the entire map.

    Clue 3

    Shift into overdrive

    "Shift into overdrive" may be a nod to a game with vehicles, usually vehicles that can accelerate with ease.

    and plow into a specific wall at night

    This line is more straight-forward. It's possibly telling you to drive your vehicle into a specific wall at night. This "wall" may possibly be a part of a building or border.
    Corresponding with the line above, this clue could say that the game may have vehicles, or vehicle-like mechanics/movement as its features.

    to infiltrate a secret area...

    The word "infiltrate" is used again. See Clue 1 to see my interpretation of "infiltrate".

    Best Guess: Jailbreak

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    • i think....I know.... in the vehicle simulator the island opposite the pier is the key i think

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    • N00bRobloxian09 wrote:
      i think....I know.... in the vehicle simulator the island opposite the pier is the key i think

      Interesting choice. :0

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    • Roblox has given in and confirmed it to be Jailbreak:

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    • First you have to smash into the orange house, next to the meteor there is a key or a one or an arrow (it could be all three in one) that sort of points to it. You have to do it at night. After that you have to rob the jewelry store then the bank then the train then the donut shop and then the gas station. All of this has to be done at night. After you do all of that, there is a waterfall by the gun shop where you will have to answer those questions we all saw in Jailbreak in the last couple of weeks. 3333350 3333360 and 874300. You will then get a coin. After you get this coin you.........    lol, that is as much as I know. I looked for hours and hours and can't figure it out. I am hoping tomorrows clue will help. I hope this helped someone and if you have any clue what comes next, share it. If you know, you will either be the first or someone else beat you. Either way, we won't get the key first so you have nothing to lose by filling us all in. My poor kid went to bed tonight with a headache. We shall conquer!!!!!!!!

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    • what an awful and vague clue for freaking jailbreak

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    • Jailbreak... no surprise.

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    • A FANDOM user
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