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    I recently noticed that you rewritten the Catalog:Fuchsia Fantastique page. Although I appreciate the rewrite, please make sure to format links correctly.

    [link displaytext]
    should only be used for external links.

    Fix 1: Catalog link



    Good (note: fixed the typo, missed when uploading photo):


    Fix 2: Player link





    When rewriting please make sure to be careful with links. More info can be found here and here. Thank you.

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    • Please read this post

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    • I believe he uses a copy/paste template instead of manually typing the opening paragraph for new pages, so it's likely he forgot to update the improper hyperlinks in it with their shortened versions. Then again, though, I have said something similar a few messages down so I'm unsure about why you're not already using these.

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    • There’s been time to review this. They can update the template.

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    • Alright, I'll go update the template right now. I'm pretty sure I've rewritten a lot of articles on items so there's no way I can go back to each individual page and fix them, but thanks for the notice. I usually don't read my wall very often; nor check it, but this was important.

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    • By the way, the Roman Ninja page is basically my template I use to copy & paste whenever I rewrite or create a new item article. I never shared my template because I didn't want people to edit it just for my purpose. Anyways, I updated the links, so If I am rewriting a page, the links will be hyper instead of the link url attached to the name of the subject (example: Robux).

      The reason why I use this specific Roman Ninja page is because I remember the name. I know it's a random article, but just bare with it.

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    • While you're at it...should note Wikipedia can be linked similarly. [[Wikipedia:pagename|displayname]] works just like external linking it

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    • Got an idea, I'll just make my own blog post containing a copy of the Roman Ninja page. I am going to use that from now on. So people cannot edit it.

      If you want to look at it, click here.

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