• Happy New Year! We had a wonderful 2018 and can't wait to see the wiki grow even more during 2019. Us administrators at the Roblox Wikia have been talking about some new changes we want to make to this wiki for the next year.

    Farewell, Achievements

    We have decided that we are deprecating our system of achievements. These encourage pointsgaming, or making edits just for the achievements - which resulted in low-quality spammy editing.

    We will be replacing achievements with a new system known as Badges. Badges are a system similar to achievements, but will be given by wiki staff. There will also be event badges, such as winning a Roblox Wikia Trivia game. More info about Badges can be found here. We hope that the new badge system will allow us to more personally recognize editors for their accomplishments.

    In relation, all sections on pointsgaming in our rules and policies pages have been removed, as it is no longer possible on the wiki.

    Notability Policy Changes and Reminders

    As Roblox continues to grow, we need to adjust what we consider as notable for a full-length wiki page. As Roblox seems to be abandoning using the Roblox Blog for developer interviews and spotlighting games, players or places featured as a full-length Developer Spotlight post on the Developer Forum will be considered notable. Like with our policy with the Roblox Blog, it must be an entire post about that player or place.

    We have also been seeing issues where pages would be made about players who are terminated, and it becomes difficult to make a sufficient page about them. We want to remind everyone that just because a topic is notable doesn’t mean it deserves a wiki page. We plan on being stricter with what pages are going to be marked with {{multipleissues}} versus being deleted or moved to an editor’s userspace, particularly for terminated players. In general, if a page is lacking sufficient information about a page, and we are unable to find sufficient information about that topic despite being considered notable, then it may be deleted or moved out of the main article space.

    If you commonly create these pages, please take some time to look over our notability policy again. as these changes have been written into the rules.

    Real Life Pictures

    We are implementing a new rule that branches off our current rule about posting personal information about developers. As developers may not wish to have their personal information posted, we are no longer allowing photos of devs in real life to be posted, unless certain criteria are met.

    • The developer is not a minor (is above the age of 18)
    • The photo was posted by the developer onto a public social media outlet that the developer has linked on their Roblox account
    • The image source is credited on the file page

    With this, we are also reminding everyone that the file and other personal information about a developer may be removed by any time if requested by said person. This is something us administrators will not compromise on.

    Forum topics

    We wanted to let you all know that we will no longer permit forum posts about online dating, and we will shortly be closing the super thread about that topic. We feel like the topic has been discussed thoroughly, and there is nothing that we can do as wiki administrators about the online dating situation. Online dating is against Roblox’s Terms of Service. Period.

    In related reminders...

    • We still do NOT permit threads complaining about your Roblox moderations, as they do not offer any worthwhile discussion and are usually just unconstructive complaining.
    • We do NOT allow rants or targeted threads. These threads will continue to be removed, as they are considered harassment and often provoke arguments.
    • Please look around before you start a new thread to ensure that there is not already a thread about the topic you are going to create. We have recently seen an influx of duplicate threads, we will begin to close or remove them.

    Miscellaneous Announcements

    Thanks to The JoTS, our infoboxes now automatically handle page names, meaning that pages that have an infobox no longer need to have {{DISPLAYTITLE:XYZ}} to change the title of the page. Please do not include this on pages and remove it from any pages that use it.

    Secondly, our navbox (specifically Template:Events and Template:Data types) have been edited so they appear better on articles pages. Additionally, there is a separator line between events on the Event template.

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