• Hi NemeztRbx!

    Thank you for contributing to the Roblox Wikia! Unfortunately, your recent post on this player's message wall is considered a necropost, and your reply may have been removed or the entire thread closed because of it. We've no idea why you decided you needed to do this on purpose - we're strictly against trolling, so don't do it again.

    If you are unaware about necroposting, it's when someone posts on a really old or resolved thread, message wall post, blog post, or article comment thread. Please remember to not bring up old and/or useless discussions by posting on old threads, whether it be on message walls, the forums, blog posts, or comments. Remember to check before you post and look at the last post date on the thread prior to posting so that you do not unnecessarily comment on something that is no longer relevant. Remember to read our policies and guidelines if you are unaware of our user conduct rules.

    Please leave a message on my message wall or reply to this message if you have any questions about this notice, necroposting in general, or any other of our wiki policies.Thank you, and have fun editing! 😊

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