• So i paid for a badge in my game, this has been happening alot to me recently by the way, but i didn't get the badge at all.

    If anyone knows how i can get the badge model, thanks.

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    • did you created the badage with robux?

      well. also if you make a badage, make sure you make the model. so when you press it you get it.

      if you created it, see a tutorial in youtube and stand in the brick before the release of your game, and change it to a hidden place so you are the only that knows the badage, and the first that got it

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    • if you created the badge, the badge will automatically be in your badges (that means it thinks you collected it once u purchased it since ur the owner)

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    • bundleofyoy, sorry, my bad, not an expert developer but well. its hard to type with an almost sleep sausage doggo.

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