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    Karasuneth closed this thread because:
    15:39, June 4, 2019

    The article you edited contained explicit mention of pedophilia, which isn't suitable for readers under 13. There's no reason to remove the notice.

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    • Compared to MisterObvious’s page it doesn’t really seem like it needs one. ‘Predatory behavior’ is really vague.

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    • "predatory behaviour with minors" is still suggestive of pedophilia. Context, my man.

      We slap T ratings on videogames for suggestive language/imagery. It should be no different here.

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    • Also, content of the article includes comments, in case we're going to go argue over the semantics of "explicit mention".

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    • Well it doesn’t seem to have any blatant swears so I’ve reworded the notice for now.

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    • I'll just repeat my advisory on the server here again; as long as the article (and then, subsequently kind of permitted in the comments) mentions such language, the notice should be on there. However, due to it not being as outright as the MrO page, at least for now, it doesn't need as strict of a warning, and rewording it is acceptable.

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