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    This is a request thread for 0Michael105YT. Use the {{Support}} and {{Oppose}} templates to support or oppose this request thread. Provide a reason for support & oppose otherwise your comment will be deleted. This is 0Michael105YT's request thread. If you request rights your comment will be deleted and you may be warned.



    I am 0Michael105YT, an extremely active editor on the Roblox Wikia who is about to accumulate 3,000 edits as of creating this request. I am in the EDT (Eastern Daylight) time zone. This is my request for Content and Discussions Moderator powers.

    About me

    I am a 15-year old male named Michael who lives in the United States and plays Roblox. I actively edit on the Roblox Wiki, and am also very active in the Roblox Wiki Discord server. Just recently, I was given access to be a part of the small group of select editors which were given access to use the editing bot, and was given the Reporter role so I can report vandalism and anything of the like which breaks rules to the Roblox Wiki staff directly. I also try to keep pages organized.


    As I stated above, I have accumulated almost 3,000 edits on this wiki as of creating this request. Along with this, I am the top contributor of the week (as of creating this request). I am highly experienced in both source editor and visual editor. I am also an active administrator on the Case Clicker: Roblox Wiki. I have learned how to moderate well on that wiki, being an administrator for several months. I create articles for catalog items on the wiki, along with keeping sale pages up-to-date as they're happening.

    Other editors

    I have never gotten into any "edit wars" with other editors, and I have never really been mean to an editor before. I am also friends with several editors in the Roblox Wiki Discord server, and I am in good terms with all of them.

    My past

    While I am in good understanding of this wiki's policies, and essentially everything important about this wiki now, I had two warnings when I was just starting to become an editor here. However, I now understand everything that is important to be a Content and Discussions Moderator.

    I do need to admit to my past though: a few years ago I was doing some bad faith edits and got blocked on this wiki for a month. I was never to touch this wiki again, until December 2018, several years afterwards, when I began to become a serious editor and created a new account as a whole to start to actually understand the policies and guidelines closely. I have never done anything on FANDOM of bad faith in years and I'm keeping it that way.


    Overall, I will make the wiki a better place than it already is. I feel that making me a Content and Discussions Moderator is very necessary as I understand everything about this wiki, have previous experience with moderating, and am very active here. There is also a lack of active staff members here, and I think I will be a great addition to the staff team.

    Thank you for reading my request for Content and Discussions Moderator powers. I hope this post helped you decide whether you support or oppose my request.

    Please do not reply back to this thread asking for moderator powers yourself. This is my request. If you think you should have moderator powers, please create a new thread for yourself. Also, please provide a reason for your support/oppose thoughts.

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