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    epic style 😎
    16:15, October 14, 2019


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    • Do you like my sword🗡, Sword🗡, Sword🗡? My diamond💎 sword🗡, Sword🗡 You cannot afford💸, 'Fford💸 'Fford💸 my diamond💎 sword🗡, Sword🗡 Even if you could, Could I have a patent📃 No one else can make a sword🗡 exactly in this mannor, Mannor Welcome to my manor, Manor Yuh, Yuh, Yuh, Ka-Kina-Kina Swing, Swing, Swing my sword🗡, Sword🗡 whenever I get bored😐, Bored😐 I can swing my sword🗡, Sword🗡 I can swing my sword🗡, Sword🗡 Once I hit the floorboards, But I had it restored and it was expensive💰, But it was a write-off🧾 Swinging is my business📑 No matter how many people🚶🏻‍♂️ are swingin' swords🗡 Please do not ignore🙄, Do you like my sword🗡? That was rhetorical, You know I am the oracle🔮 I know you like my sword🗡, It's made of freakin' diamonds💎💎💎 See forth that you're lyin'🤥, But you're just defiant Because this is awesome, And you're probably jealous😩 I can swing my sword🗡, Sword🗡 'cause I am the lord🕊, Lord🕊 Lord🕊 of diamond💎 swords🗡

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    • clap clap clap

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