• Now I’ll have to ask you know those games that offer “free robux” that are scams Wu-Tang is it that roblox don’t instantly take them down and ban the players making them right away I know there is a lot of them not including the 100s of scam websites but wouldn’t be possible to ban all them all at once sure perhaps some inoccont accounts may get banned but that’s a small price to pay for saving 1000nds of roblox accounts I mean Evan if mine got banned to save a lot of accounts from getting hacked/scammed and why do so many players go on them like don’t it make more sense to just buy robux like it’s not that expensive if you understand what I mean. Oof I should probably stop asking on this message wall sorry bout that.

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    • ~Cholasos son

      ~tradelands player and representative


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    • i have no idea what you're trying to ask

      Also why do you feel it necessary to mention that you play tradelands to us constantly..? i don't even really know what tradelands is

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    • Ah comrade tradelands my friend good game.......idk why State that a lot it-it brings back child hood nostalgia ok comrade and I’m just trying to ask why kids don’t just buy robux instead of useing scamming games/websites da?

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    • because not everyone's parents can afford it and/or trust roblox to do it

      I was in a unique situation for years where my parents didn't trust roblox but was still okay with letting me pay for membership, now I can pay for it myself obviously but some parents just don't trust roblox at all.

      Or it's their way of just not paying for it at all, or hiding it from their parents that they play etc.

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    • Huh yeh I suppose my parents were like that except I could get as many roblox cards as I wanted just as long as they did not have to use credit card d:

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    • A FANDOM user
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