• Hello, FoxyTheGreat. Thank you for your contributions to the Roblox Wikia.

    You have been using hyperlinks instead of wikilinks on the site. If an article on the Roblox Wikia already exists, use wikilinks instead of a hyperlink. Only use hyperlinks if you are making a link to an external site unrelated to Fandom/Wikia or Wikipedia (for instance: to Roblox, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, etc.) (For Roblox players, use the custom {{Player link}} template.)

    To make a wikilink, use [[ ]] around the text, and add a pipe in between to give it some custom text. For example, to link to Robux, type out [[Robux]] in order to link to Robux. To give it a custom name, such as Roblox currency (which links to Robux), type out [[Robux|Roblox currency]] in order to do so.

    To make this easier when editing, use source editor, not visual editor.

    To link to Wikipedia, do [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia article|Custom name]]. To link to Community Central, do [[w:Community Central article|Custom name]]. To link to a different Fandom wiki, do [[w:c:Wiki:Wiki article|Custom name]]. For more information on linking on Fandom/Wikia, please see Help:Links (for the more advanced source editing and a slightly more in-depth guide, see Help:Links/Wikitext). Thank you!

    Please note that this message is NOT automated and we are real people. We use a preset template for these messages to save time, but we are not robots and receive a notification when you reply and reply as soon as possible.

    Michael (talk) 22:21, April 3, 2020 (UTC)

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