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    Unfortunately, there is evidence to suggest that you are under the minimum legal age of 13 to own or use a FANDOM account. Per FANDOM's Terms of Use and their implementation of United States child protection laws (under COPPA), you are not allowed to prolong the use of your account.

    You are free to continue reading our content, but otherwise you must cease usage of your account on our wiki. Your account has been blocked on the Roblox Wikia for 1 year, and will conclude sometime after you turn 13 years old. Please note that any attempt to avoid this block until then will result in the extension of your block, and the immediate ban of any additional accounts you may create.

    Sorry for any disappointment this may cause. We thank you for your contributions here, and we hope you come join us again when you are of a legal age!

    Block details: aeb link
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