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    Resolved - We are not Roblox staff, we do not make codes, we do not post active codes.
    18:38, April 9, 2020

    I Got A Warning From You About A Post That I Added That Has Nothing Wrong With It, But You Deleted It And I'm Mad Because Of Your Actions, I'm Sure You Got The Wrong Person...

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    • Hello, Thesuperlord20. Thank you for your contributions on the Roblox Wikia.

      Some of your recent comments (and/or) forum posts/replies have been deleted because they suspect us, as Roblox Wikia staff, to be Roblox staff.

      We aren't affiliated with Roblox staff or admins. We are an unofficial Roblox fansite, and Roblox staff do NOT look at this wiki! We are NOT part of Roblox staff, either.

      Roblox Staff do NOT look at this wiki! Roblox does not run this wiki, and they do not look at what people ask for here. Please keep this in mind before making any future comments or forum posts/replies of any sort.

      Michael (talk) 21:24, April 8, 2020 (UTC)

      20 hours ago

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    • The contribution that was flagged:

      Promo codes are like free stuff, but you have to put in a code, there are many cool free items, but it isn't fair for the "non" robux players so can we get more?

      17:00, April 5, 2020

      We are not Roblox Staff, so we cannot create new Promotional codes

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    • I Was Just Asking If We Can Get More Codes, But You Guys Are Pretty Picky About What We Post.

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    • What Was Wrong With The Post?

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    • We don't work for Roblox so there's no reason for you to ask that on this site.

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    • I'm Talking About This Site Not The "Roblox" Site 

      (Sorry If I'm Being Mean) 

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    • Correct. This is the Roblox Wikia, a fan site. We do not work for Roblox on the Roblox site. There is no need for you to ask us to make codes for Roblox. We cannot, because we do not work for Roblox.

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    • I'm Just Saying What Was Wrong With The Post, just Tell Me, I Learn My Leason, And We Can Move On.

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    • We told you. You asked for promotional codes. We do not make promotional codes, so it was deleted. The warning is meant to inform you that we are not Roblox staff, and posts addressed to Roblox staff will be removed.

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    • I Read About A Post Saying You Guys Won't Posted Any More Promo Codes And This Is The Onlt Site Where I Get My Information, And Many More People.... 

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    • If You Guys Didn't Post That We Shouldn't Have This "Agument"

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    • We are an archive, not a resource. We list Roblox's previous codes (which are now expired), on List of expired promotional codes Again, keyword expired.

      We used to also document active codes, but since people thought we made them, we stopped documenting active codes. That's what Thunder's blog post is about.



      Posts that try to make requests, or ask questions, directed to Roblox staff, will be deleted, because we aren't Roblox staff. The first time an editor does this, we give them a reminder that we aren't Roblox staff.

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    • Thesuperlord20 wrote: If You Guys Didn't Post That We Shouldn't Have This "Agument"

      Michael's reminder was literally saying that we don't work for Roblox so you shouldn't ask us for stuff.

      The way to get promocodes is to follow Roblox's social medias such as Twitter and Instagram. YouTubers might also share these if you can't use these sites. We are NOT a resource for codes, nor do we make codes.

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    • [ I know You Guys Don't Work For Roblox (I Got It Many Times) Let me Show You

      Today we made a big change to the List of promotional codes page. We're sure most of you have noticed it by now. We've removed active promo codes from the page. No, they aren't being re-added.


      Recently we've had lots of people asking us for codes. We've had lots of people asking us to make codes, bring back expired codes, or something else. Apparently three warnings stating we are not Roblox employees hasn't been clear enough. So I'll say it now, for probably the 100th time.

      We are not Roblox employees!!

      This section has became problematic, and recent private discussion has been occurring regarding it. We've always been an archive, not a resource. We've received so many threats and demands to be more like a resource. Because of this, we've decided to entirely remove that section of the page. The page will remain an archive for previous codes, however active codes will not be added until they expire. Sorry.

      Any threats toward us, or any vandalism taken as a result of this change will be reverted/deleted and you will be blocked. We closely moderate the wiki's activity in times like this, so there's no point.

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    • Yes - as that blog post says, we stopped showing active promotional codes on this website. This is to further the notion that we are an archive and not a resource. Please read the blog post.

      Please do not continue this matter. You have already been informed of our rules. For further clarification, please read them.

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