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    08:17, June 8, 2020

    So so you recently deleted my wiki article on Roblox Condo games. I will admit this was a very risky article to make. I understand your moderation reason. My main problem is that there was NO direct rule on this topic. None atleast that I could find. If there is a such a page then please link it to me. Other than that I would recommend making this rule more clear.

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    • On the discord server in March this year, I believe someone attempted to write about the exact same topic but asked before making it, and an admin said no to it.

      It's just whether or not we want there to be an entire section for 18+ content Not to mention is it even notable enough to have its own section

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    • Also personally speaking here, this wiki gets visited by hundreds of thousands of kids and it would just not be appropriate to have. (Yes, there are pages with 18+ content, but they are managed in a way that makes it more acceptable. These "condo games" are somewhat of a known issue, but would sadly introduce children to 18+ content due to their curiosity if there were a page documenting it. We would also need to host images of said content, and that really isn't acceptable due to our main focus being children.)

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    • Is still belive that there should have been more indication of whether or not this was allowed since the average person isn't gonna dig up and old reply an admin made. Also i sill belive that this topic is worth a page since it has been a large part of Roblox discussion for the past few years.

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    • Just read your other reply. 

      I do understand this point. I still just wish that there was more idencation of this. From how verbal Roblox is about this stuff in their TOS, i would at least expect some more rules about this. Mainly so i don't waste my time writing an article that will inevitably be deleted with no idencation.

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    • Our rules are still in the process of being rewritten. The last thing that was tackled was about including the real & full names of notable individuals who may not want their full names in the public eye, and rewritten the notability policies to be more including of several, smaller developers.

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    • If you want to talk about this topic, this simply isn't the place to do so.

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    • I understand. It was a bit risky. I guess i'm just a bit salty about writing an article to be deleted. Anyway. Thankfully i didnt make it that long. Have a good day.

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    • Roblox as a corporation isn't too fond of us having their controversies documented, so they would probably take a page about literal NSFW content very seriously and contact Fandom staff to take it down anyways.

      And even if Roblox were not the ones to do it, many parent complaints would possibly since it's not just kids who come here to view content. Parents do as well, and they will probably not approve of a page solely about 18+ content on a wiki meant for children. If parents contacted Fandom, they'd take the page down and tell us to not make that page again. It's happened in the past before, not just here but all across Fandom.

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