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    It seems that you have reverted my changes to the Alversian Peoples' Navy wikia page. Nothing constructive was left other than "this is not neutral."

    I was trying to write all the information in a matter-of-fact way according to the wikia rules as we have had some deletions recently. It seems like you just deleted all of my work without reading it.

    This honestly seems like an abuse of power at this point and quite rude. Instead of deleting parts of the page that were violating the rules, you deleted the entire thing. I'd like an explanation.

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      • Reads too casual and unprofessional. (this is the main issue)
      • Tons of HTML formatting issues (which are only present when editing with the visual editor).
      • Quite a bit of "puffery" and overusing "weasel words".
      • Bloated history section with unnecessary details. (Also reads like a storybook which is not what we want.)

      The whole history section can be greatly condensed. For instance, the beginning can be condensed as such:

      APN was founded in February 2010 by Reaven and Bobatheman, as a branch-off of the Corporate Space Alliance, which disbanded in [year] due to admins abusing within CSA.

      or if I interpreted the founding wrong/an alternative rewrite:

      APN was founded in February 2010 by Reaven and Bobatheman, due to the Corporate Space Alliance disbanding in [year] because of admins abusing within CSA.

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