• I read your last post. If you said the noobs are troll and guests are nice, but I disagree.

    Let me tell it to you again

    Noobs - are people who are new in a community, gameplay, website or anything. Noobs are the new people who just joined like today, yesterday or last week. Some noobs may lack some intelligence, knowledge, creativity and/or strength.

    Guest - They usually don't exist most in other communities, gameplay or websites. They usually exist ONLY on Roblox. Guest is not the same as a noob do but they CAN however if the guests have the same personality or characteristics as the noobs do.

    Actually, guests can either be smart, intelligent and strong. But some other guests can be new and lack some intelligence, creativity or strength.

    Seriously that's nothing to offend you. I'm just telling you the truth.

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